WATCH: Janelle Monáe Is Trapped in a Horrifying New Reality in the Latest Antebellum Trailer

The second trailer for Antebellum just dropped, and it’s even more frightening than the last.

antebellum trailer
  • Photo Credit: QC Entertainment

The trailer begins with images of a happy life for Veronica. She’s seen with a loving family, solid friends, and appears, at first, content. But as soon as the trailer flashes the words “UNLESS,” things take an alarming, violent turn. 

Veronica is kidnapped and forced back in time to pre-Civil War-era America where she finds herself enslaved. She is unknown, voiceless, and paralyzed by her position. In the world of Antebellum, time travel leads to torture, to cruelty.

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As Veronica fights to return to her own time period, she must contend with the displacement of time and space as well as her fraying identity. But one important question remains: Why? Why her?

While we may not yet know the how and the why of Antebellum’s plot, after this new look, we’re dying to find out. Check out the trailer below to begin unraveling this film’s twisted secrets. Antebellum is currently slated to release on August 21, 2020. 

Featured still from "Antebellum" via QC Entertainment

Published on 21 May 2020