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Fire in the Sky: Did Aliens Visit Ancient Civilizations on Earth?

Or is it just a compelling fantasy?

ancient alien theory

What is ancient astronaut theory?

egyptian pyramids
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  • Photo Credit: Thais Cordeiro / Unsplash

Where does ancient astronaut theory originate?

Flying Saucers on the Attack

Flying Saucers on the Attack

By Harold T. Wilkins

intelligent life in the universe

Intelligent Life in the Universe

By I.S. Shklovski & Carl Sagan

Why do people believe the ancient astronaut theory?

alien imagery
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  • Photo Credit: Jayy Torres / Unsplash

Has ancient astronaut theory been debunked?

Handbook of UFO Religions

Handbook of UFO Religions

By Edited by Benjamin E. Zeller

Books on ancient astronaut theory:

chariots of the gods

Chariots of the Gods

By Erich von Däniken

Extraterrestrial Archaeology

Extraterrestrial Archaeology

By David Hatcher Childress

foundations of atlantis

Foundations of Atlantis, Ancient Astronauts and Other Alternative Pasts

By Edited by Jason Colavito