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Own a Piece of Sheer Terror

Make your digital world a place to be horrified with our spooky NFTs.

america's most haunted NFTs
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  • Photo Credit: Amanda Shaffer for Creepy Crate

If you’re a Creepy Crate subscriber, you know that one of our most beloved items is the annual Creepy Crate calendar. Always filled with something that’s sure to spook, whether it’s unsolved mysteries or haunted locations, the calendar is a daily reminder that your world can be exactly as spooky as you’d like it to be.

This year’s America’s Most Haunted Calendar is not only truly terrifying—it’s also been recognized for its stunning illustrations, created by Amanda Shaffer. Two pieces from the calendar, featuring Virginia’s Peyton Randolph Colonial House and Texas’s Driskill Hotel, have been selected as exemplary illustrations by American Illustration and will be featured in their annual American Illustration 40 publication.

If you, like us, can’t get enough of staring at these gorgeous works of art, we have good news for you. These selected images are now available as NFTs. Bidding on these illustrations will not only leave the winners as the sole owners of a beautiful piece of art, it also helps us keep The Lineup and Creepy Crate running.

The Peyton Randolph Colonial House

peyton randolph colonial house
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  • Photo Credit: Amanda Shaffer for Creepy Crate

The Driskill Hotel

driskill hotel
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  • Photo Credit: Amanda Shaffer for Creepy Crate