These 9 Strange and Creepy Wikipedia Articles Will Give You the Chills

These real, unexplained mysteries are sure to raise the hair on your neck.

strange wikipedia pages
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Wikipedia is frequented by over 32 million users and features more than 40 million pages worth of articles on everything from locations, people and places to some of the world’s darker, more obscure subjects. It’s a particular hotspot for information on gruesome criminals, strange disappearances, and odd, mysterious items. Below are several Wikipedia articles that are sure to totally creep you out.

1. The Murder of Junko Furuta

creepiest wikipedia pages
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This horrifying tale of a creepy, sadistic murder took place in November 1988. Junko Furuta, a 17-year-old student, was abducted by four boys on her way home from school. Held captive for a total of 41 days, the boys tortured, raped, and beat the young high schooler before she eventually succumbed to death. Their forms of torture included different methods of burning, cutting off body parts, the insertion of foreign objects into her body, and forcing her to drink her urine. 

The entirety of her confinement took place at one boy’s home, and for some period of her vicious and violent assault, the boy’s parents knew about her presence. In fact, reports state that Furuta pleaded with them for help, but the two adults refused in fear of one of the boy’s alleged gang affiliations.

In addition to reaching out to the parents, Futura made several attempts to escape the scary situation but was caught and punished brutally for trying to seek help. After Futura passed, they dumped her body in a 208-liter oil drum, which they filled with concrete and disposed of on a tract of reclaimed land. Her murderers were caught and sentenced, but most spent less than 10 years in jail. 

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2. June and Jennifer Gibbons

Identical twins June and Jennifer were born in Barbados and spoke in a high-speed Bajan Creole, making it difficult for English speakers to understand them. The two girls moved to Wales, England where, as the only black children in the community, they were targeted by the other children.

The ostracization increased their language barriers as the twins halted all communication and developed cryptophasia, a unique language created and understood only by twins that include mirrored mannerisms. In their teens, doctors pushed for their interaction with others, resulting in them going to different boarding schools. However, that only encouraged a complete withdrawal. 

When they were older, the two produced some self-published novels set primarily in Malibu, California that featured subversive, strange, and criminal themes. That includes a story about a physician who saves his son with the heart of the family dog (which later exacts his revenge through the boy) and a local disco that incites people to insane violence.

After several failed attempts to publish their work, the two turned to criminal activity that eventually landed them in a high-security mental health institution with the likes of the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, as well as the gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray. There they spent 11 years before being approved for a lower security institution. However, hours after the transfer, Jennifer died. Her death is often attributed to a creepy pact the twins made: one of them had to die for the other to survive and live their life normally. 

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3. Gloria Ramirez, "The Toxic Lady"

strange wikipedia pages
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The very real story of Gloria Ramirez is so creepy it was used as the basis for episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, The X-Files, NCIS, and Law & Order. On the night of February 19, 1994, Ramirez, displaying symptoms consistent with advanced cervical cancer, was admitted to the Riverside General Hospital.

Hospital personnel attempted to sedate her with diazepam, midazolam, and lorazepam but found she wasn’t responding well, so they moved to defibrillate her heart and draw blood. In the process, they noticed an oily sheen covering her body, a fruity, garlic-like odor wafting from her mouth, and an ammonia smell coming from her blood sample, which also featured manila-colored particles floating in it. 

Soon after, the medical staff that had come in contact with Ramirez began dropping like flies. Many felt nauseated and fainted before the ER was cleared. A skeleton crew was left to see Ramirez through her final minutes of a nearly hour-long ordeal.

The California Department of Health and Human Services initially determined the staff’s response was from mass hysteria. However, a laboratory brought in theorized that Ramirez had been using a home degreaser as a pain remedy. Building up in her body due to her kidney failure, the temperature of the ER, the oxygen administered by paramedics, and electric shocks given during emergency defibrillation could have mixed to create a potent poisonous gas that affected hospital staff. 

4. "Excessive Eater" Tarrare

Of average size and appearance, Tarrare was able to eat vast amounts of meat as a young boy, a condition that forced his family to turn him away as a teen. Following a band of thieves and prostitutes to France, he became a street performer, eating corks, stones, and live animals before joining the French Revolutionary Army.

Military rations couldn’t satisfy him though, and Tarrare succumbed to hunger and weakness. The army eventually performed experiments to test his eating capacity, including having the soldier eat live cats, puppies, lizards, and eels whole, as well as a meal intended for 15 people. 

Following these odd tests, Tarrare was asked to serve as a human courier for the French armed forces. His job was simple: eat essential documents from across enemy lines and return to expel them for French troops to see. Unfortunately, on his first trip, Tarrare was caught, tortured and released, forcing him to attempt to find a cure for his affliction.

Despite multiple attempts at remedies, Tarrare’s appetite drove him to drink the blood of other patients, eat corpses in the morgue, and, allegedly, eat a toddler, the final straw that forced him from the hospital. He was last spotted in Versailles suffering from severe tuberculosis before his death. 

5. The Disappearance of Brianna Maitland

strange wikipedia pages
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Vermont teen Brianna Maitland disappeared in March 2004 under odd and rather creepy circumstances. The teen had recently moved out of her parent's house to be closer to friends, but her living situation was unstable. By February 2004, she dropped out of school, was working two jobs, and trying to get her GED. The day she disappeared, Brianna had been with her mother, shopping. At one point, Brianna told her mom that something outside had caught her eye, but when Brianna’s mother met her outside the store, she seemed rattled. Her mother dropped Brianna off at her friend’s house, and Brianna left a note stating she’d be back after work. 

When the teen punched out at 11:20, she spoke to co-workers who would become the last people to see Maitland. In the early afternoon of the next day, a Vermont State trooper was dispatched to Brianna’s car, which had been backed up into the wall of what folks called "the old Dutchburn house,” located a mile from Brianna’s job.

In the front seat were two paychecks and outside the car lay loose-change, a water bottle, and unsmoked cigarette. The trooper didn’t immediately know the car’s owner, and it would be days before Brianna’s friend or parents reported her missing. Once the car’s owner was identified and Brianna’s disappearance official, several people came forward to say that they had seen the car late at night at different times with various lights on, but no one in the car. Brianna’s whereabouts are still unknown.

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6. The Possession of Michael Taylor

In this case of alleged demonic possession, a West Yorkshire butcher murdered both his wife and dog shortly after undergoing an exorcism. Described as a mostly mild-mannered and loving family man, Taylor’s violent behavior allegedly started in 1974, after he joined a local Christian Fellowship Group headed by a 21-year-old woman named Marie. Taylor began spending inappropriate amounts of time with her, participating in group exorcisms and all night prayer sessions to ward off evil.

It was at this time that his behavior became erratic and obsessive. Believing that her husband and the father of five was having an affair, Taylor’s wife Christine accused him of cheating, describing his behavior and feelings towards their Christian Fellowship Group leader, Marie, as “carnal.” 

After being publicly confronted, Taylor violently lashed out at Marie. The group would ultimately absolve him at their next meeting, but at the time, no other steps were taken despite Taylor admitting he felt like he had an evil within him. Their forgiveness did very little to help, and his behavior became so concerning that a local vicar and other ministers agreed to an exorcism to cast out demons within the man.

In an all-night ceremony, the clergy men reportedly cast out more than 40 demons. At the end of the exhausting event, the priests sent Taylor home in the hours of the early morning with a warning that he still may be possessed by a few demons, including that of murder. When Taylor arrived at home, he attacked his wife, ripping out her eyes, tongue and almost completely taking her face off before strangling the family poodle. Later that day, he would be picked up by the police on the street, covered in blood and naked.

7. The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich

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Frederick Valentich was a 28-year-old pilot on a training run when both he and his plane mysteriously disappeared one October evening in 1978 while flying to Bass Strait, Australia. Described by his father as a UFO enthusiast, Valentich had passions for a full-fledged career in aviation and, at the time of his disappearance, was studying part-time to earn his commercial pilot’s license.

However, Valentich had a shaky history with passing exams. Both of his applications to be in the Royal Australian Air Force were denied on the grounds of inadequate educational qualifications. He was ultimately good enough to fly a plane though, which is what he was doing the day he disappeared. 

Around 7:00 P.M. on October 21, 1978, Valentich radioed in that he was being followed by a high-speed, unidentified aircraft that featured four very bright landing lights. After stating that it seemed like the pilot was “toying” with him, he indicated that his engine was having issues. Asked to identify the aircraft, Valentich reported that he couldn’t.

Moments later his transmission was interrupted by "metallic, scraping sounds”—the last communications with the young pilot for nearly 40 years. A search team was sent out but nothing was recovered, and it was called off after several days. Belated reports acknowledged an odd, flying aircraft in the area, and stories as recent as 2014 acknowledge that a man may have seen Valentich’s plane attached to another flying object 20 minutes before he officially disappeared.   

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8. UVB-76

First discovered in 1973, this shortwave radio station, also known as “the buzzer,” broadcasts a short, monotonous buzzing tone on the frequency 4625 kHz 24 hours a day. After years of not knowing its source, it is now believed to come from Russia. For much of its known existence, the buzzing sound was occasionally interrupted by a voice message delivered in a fixed format by a live voice in Russian. However, starting in 2010, listeners began to notice a significant uptick in the number of voice transmissions that were taking place, as well as a series of more unusual transmissions. 

Between June 5 and June 6, 2010, the entire station stopped broadcasting, and on October 17, 2016, the station transmitted at least 18 different messages in less than 24 hours. Meanwhile, conversations that sound far off, along with background noises, are heard behind the buzzing. In November of 2001, an entire conversation in Russian could be heard, and in November of 2010, phone conversations coming from the station were heard and recorded. Neither the government or broadcast officials have confirmed the station’s purpose or location. 

9. The Diary of Idilia Dubb

strange wikipedia pages
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This journal holds one young girl’s most desperate yearnings: to be found alive. It belonged to a 17-year-old girl from Scotland named Idilia Dubb and was supposedly located—along with her skeleton—in Germany’s Lahneck Castle.

Idilia and her family were visiting for vacation in the early summer of 1851 when she wandered into the castle and began exploring. She had told her family she was going out to record the views and surrounding landscape near the Rhine River, but when she didn’t return, they called local authorities. A search was carried out, but her mother, father, sister, and brother were unable to locate her. 

According to this diary, she was trapped at the top of the Lahneck Castle after a set of rotting wooden stairs collapsed behind her. In the journal, she recorded her final days, including attempts to get people’s help as well as her slow starvation. Her diary reportedly says she would have rather jumped out of the tower than starve, but the skeleton found next to the journal proved she never did. 

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Published on 29 Nov 2017