9 Chilling Books About Unsolved Murders That Will Make You Lose Sleep

The cases that haunt us...

chilling books unsolved murders

1. Black Dahlia Avenger, by Steve Hodel

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Black Dahlia Avenger

By Steve Hodel

2. Who Killed My Daughter?, by Lois Duncan

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Who Killed My Daughter?

By Lois Duncan

3. Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour, by Marti Rulli and Dennis Davern

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Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour

By Marti Rulli

4. Blood Cold, by Dennis McDougal and Mary Murphy

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Blood Cold

By Dennis McDougal and Mary Murphy

5. The Wrong Man, by James Neff

6. A Death in Canaan, Joan Barthel

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A Death in Canaan

By Joan Barthel

7. Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, by Lawrence Schiller

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Perfect Murder, Perfect Town

By Lawrence Schiller

8. Who Killed These Girls?, by Beverly Lowry

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Who Killed These Girls?

By Beverly Lowry

9. The Axeman of New Orleans, by Miriam C. Davis

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The Axeman of New Orleans

By Miriam C. Davis