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11 Haunted Forests You Should Never, Ever Step Foot In

From the Devil's tramping ground to a wooded Bermuda Triangle, you do not want to take a stroll through these freaky forests.

robinson woods

1. Devil’s Tramping Ground, North Carolina

devils tramping ground

2. Epping Forest, England

epping forest

3. Pinewoods Cemetery, New York

pinewoods cemetery

4. Pine Barrens, New Jersey

pine barrens

5. Freetown State Forest, Massachusetts

freetown state forest

6. Aokigahara, Japan

7. Dering Woods, England

dering woods

8. Bluff Mountain, Virginia

bluff mountain

9. Hoia-Baciu, Romania


10. Robinson Woods, Illinois

robinson woods

11. Dow Hill, India

dow hill