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The Terrifying Horror Series That Shocked Australia Is Streaming Now

Survival horror series "Wolf Creek" is based on real-life serial murders from Down Under.

Australia’s Wolf Creek stunned moviegoers when it was released in 2005, and for good reason—it was based on a set of real-life Australian murders. Little wonder, then, that when Wolf Creek’s creators adapted their survival horror flick for the small screen in 2016, it terrified viewers Down Under all over again. 

Now everyone can experience the fear. Wolf Creek the series is available for your bingeing pleasure exclusively on horror streaming platform Shudder. And we have killer news, horror fans. 

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The six-part anthology returns to the Australian outback where a sadistic serial killer is on the hunt for a fresh set of victims. John Jarratt reprises his role as depraved murderer Mick Taylor, who sets his sights on a family of American tourists. Every member of the traveling clan is killed save for one—19-year-old Eve (played by Lucy Fry), who is now dead set on avenging the deaths of her loved ones. 

wolf creek
  • Lucy Fry as Eve

  • Photo Credit: Shudder

Wolf Creek's chill factor was due in large part to the twisted truth that inspired it. While its characters were fictional, Wolf Creek’s narrative, about a deranged killer hunting down backpackers in the Australian outback, was based on a set of real-life Aussie murder cases. 

The first was the serial backpacker murder case of Ivan Milat. Milat claimed at least seven lives between 1989 and 1993. He preyed on hikers and travelers, and would bury their bodies in the Belanglo State Forest in New South Wales, Australia. 

The second was the disappearance and presumed murder of British tourist Peter Falconio. In 2001, Falconio and his companion Joanne Lees were traveling through Australia’s Northern Territory when a motorist—later identified as Bradley John Murdoch—flagged down and attacked the couple. Lees escaped, while Falconio was never heard from again. 

wolf creek
  • John Jarratt reprises his role as murderer Mick Taylor

  • Photo Credit: Shudder

When Wolf Creek hit theaters in 2005, Murdoch’s trial was actually still under way. The film generated so much media attention that a judge placed an injunction on its release in the Northern Territory, arguing that the film could influence court proceedings. 

Wolf Creek survived the controversy, and went on to become one of the more celebrated horror movies of the 2000s. It appeared on a number of best of lists, earned multiple award nominations, and even spawned a sequel in 2013’s Wolf Creek 2.  

wolf creek
  • Photo Credit: Shudder

Wolf Creek the series expertly expands the universe established in the films, luring viewers into its dust-choked landscape. The series also injects fresh blood into the franchise, thanks to its riveting, hunter-becomes-the-hunted plot twists and Lucy Fry's compelling Final Girl performance as Eve. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to it all, Wolf Creek is sure to terrify and enthrall.

Hungry for a taste of Wolf Creek? Click below to stream the first episode of the series and then start your 30-day free trial on Shudder today! 

Published on 20 Dec 2017

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