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Watch the Terrifying New Red Band Trailer for “Don’t Breathe”

This freaky teaser will leave you breathless.


Lock your doors. 

Stop what you’re doing right now and dedicate the next two minutes of your day to one of horror’s scariest Red Band trailers. With nail-biting sound effects, an eff-bomb-accentuated score, and super-creepy night vision shots, this is one teaser you won’t be able to get out of your head.

It’s for a film that screened title-free at this year’s SXSW fest. Attendees knew it then as “Fede Alvarez’s Untitled Ghost House Thriller.” But it wasn’t just the haunted-house subgenre that had horror fans in a tizzy. It was Fede Alvarez himself, the Uruguayan horror auteur who revived Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead in 2013.

Alvarez turned heads and filled seats with his 2013 reboot. Here takes the wheel once again in what we now know as Don’t Breathe. About an intensely capable blind man (Stephen Lang) who goes psycho on a trio of would-be burglars, Don’t Breathe is more than a paralyzing watch—it’s a physical experience: sweaty palms, racing pulse, tense shoulders. If you’ve had the pleasure of wincing through Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake, then you’re familiar with the unrelenting shock to which we refer.

If not, then get yourself a ticket to Alvarez’s newest flick, which hits theaters this Friday, August 26. Just remember to take deep breaths.

Don’t Breathe hits theaters Friday, August 26.

Promotional still from "Don't Breathe" via Ghost House Pictures