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The Wretched Is the Twisted New Horror Movie for Your Weekend Streaming Pleasure

This witchy flick will crawl under your skin...

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  • Photo Credit: Cailleach Productions

In the mood for something scary this weekend? Filmmaking brothers Brett and Drew Pierce (Deadheads) have delivered a unique and disturbing new horror movie that pulls no punches. The Wretched follows a rebellious teen named Ben (John-Paul Howard) who's sent to summer with his father and work at the local marina. Ben is far from happy in this tranquil tourist town; he clashes with the local kids and doesn't get along with his father's new girlfriend. As Ben struggles to adjust, he also begins to suspect something's off about the family renting the house next door... something downright terrifying. An ancient evil has descended upon the family and crawled into the skin of the family's matriarch. Before long, Ben finds himself in a desperate battle against an all-powerful witch—a witch hell-bent on swallowing up the children.

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With fleshed-out characters, dread-steeped atmosphere, and grisly special effects, The Wretched builds its tension to delicious effect. It would make for a perfect late-night fright fest at a darkened movie house. Alas, such an option isn't available to us at the moment. That’s why The Wretched has taken a unique approach to its 2020 release. 

With movie theaters shuttered to combat the spread of coronavirus, The Wretched will instead screen at select outdoor drive-ins across America. This strategy brings us back to the days of old school drive-in horror, tapping into grindhouse nostalgia while also providing a way for horror fans to safely watch the movie together.

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Don't live near a participating drive-in? Fear not. The Wretched is also available from the comfort of your own home! The horror movie hits Video on Demand streaming services beginning Friday, May 1st. For everyone practicing safe social distancing, this is the perfect movie for a spooky night in.

Check out the trailer for The Wretched—as well as a list of drive-in screening locations—below. And you can always settle in on your couch, dim the lights, and cue up The Wretched on VOD. 

Drive-in Screenings of The Wretched on May 1st:

West Wind Glendale Drive-in // Glendale, AZ

West Wind Sacramento Drive-in // Sacramento, CA

Ocala Drive-In // Ocala, FL

Sweet Onion Cinemas // Vidalia, GA

Mission Tiki Drive-In // Montclair, CA

Starlight Drive-In Theatre //Atlanta, GA

Feature image of 'The Wretched' via Cailleach Productions