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The Lineup’s Creepiest Stories of April 2016

From haunted plantations to an unsolved axe murder, these creepy stories still send shivers down our spine.


April showers brought grim flowers at The Lineup. This month, we investigated deadly islands, haunted plantations, and an unsolved axe murder from 1879. While there’s a soft spot in our dark little hearts for every story we publish, here are 11 creepy stories from April 2016 that continue to terrify.


Murder in the Red Barn: The Killing of Maria Marten

red barn murder

On a pleasant day in May, young Maria Marten slipped into a barn to meet her secret lover. It was the last time she would be seen alive. Revisit the infamous Red Barn Murder of 1827, which became one of the most notorious cases in English history. READ MORE


The Ghost Who Followed Her Home

Old South Pittsburg Hospital

After an intense paranormal experience at Old South Pittsburg Hospital, Gretchen Upshaw thought she was leaving the ghosts behind. Little did she know, a newly formed spirit had followed her home. READ MORE


Michigan Murders: The Heinous Crimes of the “Ypsilanti Ripper”

ypsilanti ripper

Over the course of three years, a serial killer tortured, killed, and mutilated half a dozen victims in Michigan. But what was most terrifying was the discovery of the killer’s identity. READ MORE


Up in Smoke: The Sodder Children Disappearance of 1945

sodder children

In 1945, a mysterious fire on Christmas morning gutted the Sodder family house with five children still inside. Authorities believed the youngsters died in the blaze, but surviving family members thought otherwise. What was the fate of the five Sodder children? READ MORE


Bad Voyage: 6 Most Deadly Islands in the World

island of the dolls

No man is an island, and no island is a safe haven. From deadly snakes to swamp sinkholes, these islands will make you think twice about building a mote to call your own. READ MORE


9 Haunted Plantations You Can Actually Visit

haunted plantations

The grounds may be easy on the eyes, but the ghosts that haunt these estates would rather you not forget the people who lived—and suffered—here. Meet the  spirits of the past at these haunted plantations of the American South. READ MORE


Evil Knows No Age: 7 Tales of Creepy, Killer Kids

killer kids

They may have small hands, but that won’t stop them from choking the life out of you. These pint-size killer kids, who never grew out of their terrible twos, will make you beg for your mama. READ MORE


John Christie: The Whispering Killer of England

john christie

In 1953, John Christie was hanged for the murder of his wife … but she was just one of his many victims. READ MORE


The Unsolved DeFoor Family Murder of 1879

defoor family

On a summer night in Georgia, a killer crept into the DeFoor family homestead and slaughtered them with an axe. While numerous suspects were questioned in the 1879 murder, the perplexing case remains unsolved to this day. READ MORE


The Twin Tunnels of Downingtown, Pennsylvania

downingtown tunnels

Taken together, the tunnels have become fixtures of local lore, where they are tied to strange happenings, unquiet spirits, and unsolved murder. READ MORE


A Child Without a Soul


So·path: noun, a child born without a soul; sopaths will lie, cheat, rape, and murder to get what they want. Inspired by real-life news events, Piers Anthony’s The Sopaths addresses every parent’s worst nightmare: What do you do with a child without a conscience? READ MORE

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