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The Lineup Recommends: Creepy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Father’s Day, we’ve found five cool gifts for the dad in your life who likes to keep it creepy.


Skull Shaving Brush – $130

Skull Shaving Brush

If your pops enjoys his morning shave with a side of the macabre, he’ll get a kick out of this skull shaving brush made from synthetic ivory and real badger hair.


Cleaver Cufflinks – $39

Cleaver Cufflinks

Nothing says don’t mess with my daughter like a set of meat cleaver cufflinks.


Horror Subscriptions – $5-$10 per month

Horror Kindle Unlimited

For a father who knows the horror movie rules like the back of his red right hand, horror streaming service Shudder TV will keep him up all night long. Conversely, if dad’s bookshelf is about to collapse under the weight of his Stephen King hardcover collection, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited will lighten the load with all the digital horror books his little black heart desires.

The Overlook Hotel Keychain – $13

Room 237 Keychain

What lurks inside Room 237? The old man will have a devilish time discussing The Shining conspiracy theories when he whips out this flashy brass key ring styled after the cursed room in the Overlook Hotel.

Children of the Damned Father’s Day Card – $4

Damned Good Day Father's Day Card

Let’s be honest, dealing with your antics hasn’t always been easy. Show him your appreciation with this Children of the Damnedthemed card.