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11 Terrifying Movies to Watch on Shudder Right Now

Have a horror night in.


Horror movie streaming service Shudder boasts a truly terrifying collection of films. And for those dying to try out the service, you’re in luck. Shudder is offering The Lineup readers a free, 30-day trial. Simply use promo code THELINEUP at checkout on SHUDDER.COM.

Once you’re signed in, the nightmares can begin. While it’s hard to go wrong with so many killer options, here are 11 bone-chilling flicks to watch on Shudder right now.

1. A Tale of Two Sisters

terrifying movies tale of two sisters
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  • Photo Credit: B.O.M. Production Company

This excellent 2003 Korean horror movie did little to help combat the whole “evil stepmother” stereotype. Su-mi and Su-yeon are one of the most twisted sets of sisters in recent film memory, and the disturbing story of their family will stay with you long after the movie ends.

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2. Alleluia

terrifying movies Alleluia
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  • Photo Credit: Panique

Inspired by the real-life Lonely Hearts Killers, Michel and Gloria are sickeningly devoted to each other … and to committing gruesome crimes together.

3. Hellraiser

terrifying movies hellraiser
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  • Photo Credit: New World Pictures

If your brother died under strange circumstances in the attic of his home … don’t move in there. You just might resurrect him from the dead, along with a bunch of S&M-loving demons. Hellraiser has come to be regarded as a body horror classic since it was released in 1987. Watch it and you’ll see why.

4. Children of the Corn

terrifying movies children of the corn
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  • Photo Credit: Angeles Entertainment Group

In this 1984 cult film, based on the Stephen King short story, a little boy preacher—at the behest of a malevolent force—in a small Nebraska town convinces the local children to band together to murder all of the adults. Things get particularly bad when an adult couple unwittingly happens upon the town. You will want to avoid cornfields—and probably children—for a while after seeing this movie.

5. Let the Right One In

terrifying movies let the right one in
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  • Photo Credit: Magnet Releasing

This moving film, straddling the line between horror, coming-of-age, and romance, has been universally praised since its 2008 release. The bond between human Oskar and not-so-human Eli is so powerful and well-acted that Let the Right One In has been recognized not just as a killer vampire movie, but as a modern horror classic.

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6. Antiviral

terrifying movies Antiviral
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  • Photo Credit: TF1 International

This body horror flick comes from the progeny of the king of body horror, David Cronenberg. David’s son, Brandon, does not disappoint. In the dystopian future, clients can pay to be injected with the diseases afflicting their favorite celebs, in order to feel a special connection to their idols. It only gets weirder from there.

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7. Dream Home

terrifying movies Dream Home
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  • Photo Credit: 852 Films

Have you ever wanted an apartment so badly you’d kill everyone who stood in your way of owning it? That might just sound like the reality of the cut-throat real estate market, but director Pang Ho-cheung takes it to the next level in this 2010 Hong Kong slasher.

8. We Are What We Are

terrifying movies we are what we are
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  • Photo Credit: Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica

You might be familiar with the excellent 2013 remake of this clever cannibal film, but the original is uniquely terrifying. Can life continue as normal for a Mexican family after the patriarch dies? Well, not really, considering Dad was responsible for providing the family’s—human—meals.

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9. The Woman

9 disturbing movies that will leave you freaked
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  • Photo Credit: Salient Media

In The Woman, a typical American familiar harbors a feral woman in their basement in an attempt to “civilize” her. It doesn’t take long to figure out who the real monster is—or who’s really civilized here.

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10. Re-Animator

Netflix Horror Movies Re-animator
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  • Photo Credit: Empire Pictures

Re-Animator, based on an H.P. Lovecraft novella, is a comedy-horror cult classic. A doctor and student attempt to bring people back from the dead, with wacky and horrifying results.

11. Jug Face

terrifying movies jugface
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  • Photo Credit: Modern Distributors

The backwoods community featured in this disturbing film engages in incest, human sacrifice, and bizarre worship rituals. When a young woman discovers she’s next to be sacrificed, she goes to great lengths to stay alive, and throws the community into chaos.

Still from "Jug Face" via Modercine