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Spooked: A Paranormal Podcast That Dares You to Confront the Unknown

Your commute has never been so terrifying.

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Calling all those who love sharing ghost stories around the campfire. Spooked is a paranormal podcast presented by WNYC's Snap Judgement that features true-life supernatural stories told by the people who experienced them. The first season in 2017 featured 13 episodes of spine-tingling terror, and now the eerie show just kicked off its second season. 

Spooked isn’t your average scary story podcast. The real-life encounters are often told by people who never would have considered themselves believers. Such experiences force narrators to examine their skepticism as they share their stories. The show also challenges you to question your own beliefs as you listen in—or, as Spooked likes to put it, it dares you to confront the unknown.

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The first season of Spooked brought tales of possession, lost spirits, and séances. One particularly chilling episode, “Borderlands” (episode three), explores the fine line between light and dark. The episode focuses on two different but equally eerie stories. In the first, a border patrol agent at the US-Mexican border fears nothing more than a mountain lion attack, but what he sees one fateful night in 1995 is far more terrifying than any wild animal. In the second, a woman wakes up one day and suddenly loses the use of her arms and legs. Doctors are stumped, and the family has only one place to turn: a Seer.

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The host and executive producer of WYNC’s Spooked is Glynn Washington. Washington, who also created and hosts Snap Judgement, has spent his whole life surrounded by the supernatural. The grandson of a seer, Washington is accustomed to the presence of ghosts, who were around for much of his childhood. When he was just a teenager, he played witness to an exorcism. Washington has seen a great deal of events he can’t explain. In his own words, “I keep wondering, what am I missing? That’s really what this show is all about.”

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The first episode of season two is available now, and focuses on a woman named Teresa Moorleghen. As a little girl, she saw her uncle’s ghost sitting on the end of her bed. She’s been seeing ghosts ever since, but nothing could have prepared her for the day a spirit arrives with a message just for her.

You can listen to the first episode of season two above. Spooked is available for download via its website, Apple, TuneIn, Google Play, Stitcher, and RadioPublic. There will be a new episode released each week between now and Halloween for season two. You’re certainly in for a treat. Be afraid. Be very afraid.