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Silverwood: The Door Is Your Next Serialized Horror Obsession

You won't just lose your way, you'll lose your mind.

Deep in the woods of Silverwood, California a sinister force emerges from a shadowy realm. It feeds on our fears, our darkest impulses—and it's growing stronger. 

Welcome to the most terrifying camping trip of your life.

Silverwood: The Door comes to you from Serial Box, a storytelling platform that partners with acclaimed authors to produce killer serialized fiction in audio and prose. Each weekly installment is a roughly 45-minute read, and when a new episode drops, you'll receive access to the ebook and audiobook version.

Serial Box's latest has us reading—and listening—long into the night. Inspired by the hit YouTube horror series from BlackBoxTV, Silverwood: The Door is penned by acclaimed horror authors Brian Keene (Dead Sea), Richard Chizmar (Gewndy's Button Box), Stephen Kozeniewski (Hunter of the Dead), and the Sisters of Slaughter (Twin Lakes: Autumn Fires). Together, they conjure a dark and twisted tale of psycho killer scouts, twitching blobs of black goo, and secretive government agents, perfect for fans of The X-Files or Stranger Things.  

Dying to enter the woods? Good news: Serial Box is offering an exclusive limited-time deal on Silverwood: The Door just for our readers.

Sign up for Serial Box today and get 50% off your season pass to Silverwood: The Door. That's ten episodes of terror—in prose and audio—for just $6.99. Use promo code 'Lineup4Silverwood' to score your discount. But act quick: This offer expires on 11/30/18!

About the Series

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  • Photo Credit: Serial Box

Silverwood: The Door is based on Silverwood, the 2012 YouTube horror anthology series created by Tony E. Valenzuela (Villisca Axe Murders) and BlackBoxTV. The video series chronicled the mysterious goings-on of the remote mountain town, with each episode unravelling a new and terrifying tale.

Six years later, we return to Silverwood, where things have only grown stranger. The fresh Serial Box series weaves together multiple storylines and employs dual narrators, capturing the same eeriness of its predecessor while expanding its spooky universe.

You’ll meet Gwen, a young scout struggling with OCD on her way to a group camping trip in the woods; Tasha, a marketing coordinator on retreat with her company Hirsch Capital; Willie, the company's bus driver; and Carl, a religious trucker with a dark streak. Each character draws closer to the forests of Silverwood. But it soon becomes clear that they're not alone. A malevolent presence lurks in the woods, something that's not of this world. It seeks to pass through the door and return to the realm from which it came—and is willing to destroy anything and anyone that stands in its way. 

Listen Here

Discover why we can't get enough of this horror serial. Start reading Silverwood: The Door today and redeem your exclusive offer of 50% off a season pass. That's just $6.99 for all ten episodes. Use promo code 'Lineup4Silverwood' to score your discount. But act quick: This offer expires on 11/1/18.

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Published on 18 Oct 2018

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