Sherlock Holmes Visits the Museum of London

A brand new exhibition dissects the creation – and enduring legacy – of the world's most famous detective.

The world’s most famous detective might call London home, but he hasn’t been inside a city museum in more than 60 years.

Today, all that changes. Museum of London has officially opened it doors to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation – and his legions of fans – with the exhibition Sherlock: The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die (open until April 2015).

Curators have gathered literary artifacts, like Doyle’s notebooks with the first glimmers of A Study in Scarlet, borrowed from private collectors and the author’s descendants. Maps, photographs, and paintings create an outline of Victorian London, the backdrop for Holmes’s many cases. And a section on pop culture imagery features film and television props, like a jacket Benedict Cumberbatch wore in Sherlock.

For those who can’t hop the pond to see the collection, Holmes-inspired mementos should be popping up on eBay soon. The jewel in the museum store catalog: A classic deerstalker hat made in collaboration with Christys’ Hats and Lovat Mill. The topper is constructed from a brand new tweed that was conceived after researching colors mentioned in the original short stories as well as late-Victorian styles and trends.

We think Holmes would approve.

[via Museum of London; The Telegraph]

Courtesy of Museum of London

Published on 17 Oct 2014