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Exploring GHOSTS OF SHEPHERDSTOWN on After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio


ghosts of shepherdstown

This episode originally aired on June 16, 2016.

On this ghostly episode of After Hours AM/America’s Most Haunted Radio—Thursdays 8-11pE with hosts Joel Sturgis and Eric Olsen—we welcome Elizabeth Saint and Bill Hartley, co-stars of Nick Groff’s new paranormal series on Destination America, Ghosts of Shepherdstown, to talk about the eerie town and why it deserves its own paranormal investigation series. Elizabeth and Bill will join us in the 10pm hour. In the 9pm hour, Joel and Eric dive into the week’s hot paranormal news, and Kirsten Klang reads your real ghost stories. Join us right here for the live show and the recorded podcast!

In Destination America’s all-new series Ghosts of Shepherdstown, cameras follow paranormal superstar Nick Groff; Bill Hartley, paranormal tech guru; and Elizabeth Saint, a paranormal sensitive, use their many and various skills to help residents restore peace to their homes and find out why Shepherdstown is such a hotbed for hauntings. In the first episode, premiering Sunday June 12 at 10/9c, Nick, Elizabeth, and Bill begin their investigation into the flood of paranormal activity in Shepherdstown, WV as they respond to their first case: a mysterious haunting at the local bakery. The terrified night-shift baker reports sightings of a figure in a gray Civil War uniform and strange objects falling past the window outside. With the help of a local historian and a gifted psychic, the team uncovers shocking details of the building’s role in the bloodiest battle in American history.

ghosts of shepherdstown

Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Photo: Destination America

Called the “most haunted town in America,” Shepherdstown, W.Va., is known as much for its ghostly residents as it is for the local arts scene, university, and historic attractions. In a community of 1,750 people, almost everyone has experienced something they couldn’t explain. Shepherdstown’s five-man police department has been overwhelmed with 911 calls where the disturbances are paranormal, not criminal. This surge of supernatural activity has forced Sgt. Michael King, now Chief of Police, to enlist the aid of top-notch paranormal investigators to uncover the truth about objects that seem to vanish into thin air, disembodied voices, and faceless figures lurking in the shadows.


Bill Hartley, Elizabeth Saint, Nick Groff. Photo: Destination America

Shepherdstown, the oldest town in West Virginia, is home to hauntings, bizarre accidents and unsolved crimes. Each episode of Ghosts of Shepheredstown begins with a 911 call from a panicked and frightened resident experiencing unexplainable activity, such as the appearance of a body floating down the Potomac River, a sighting of a headless woman, or a piano playing on its own. After getting a call from Chief King alerting them to the incident, Nick, Bill and Elizabeth head to the scene and complete a full sweep for evidence of ghostly activity, ruling out non-paranormal explanations as they proceed. Once they gather leads, they enlist the help of local historians and psychics to help them in their quest for answers. Along the way, they track and compare clues to determine if there is a trend in these supernatural experiences that could explain the recent awakening of Shepherdstown’s spirits.

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Feature photo: Destination America / America's Most Haunted