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Time Travel Hollywood-Style with ScenePast App

A new look at scenes from old films Scarface, The Birds, and more.


Then-and-now photography has become an American pastime. And ScenePast’s interactive phone app provides that same fun fix with a pop culture spin.

Once you open the program, pick a year, enter a zip code, or choose a city to start searching for images from classic movies and television shows, like Scarface, Dragnet, The Fugitive, and The Birds.

Red and green buttons let you toggle between images from the past and present. Get more details, like the exact address of the shot, the year the movie was released, and the minute the location appeared in the film.

Itching to play armchair detective? Scroll through the “Help Solve” section to see if you can pinpoint any of the movie locales pictured. Submit your best guess, and the app’s creators will scout out the spot.

You may have just discovered your true calling.

[via ScenePast; Daily Mail]

Courtesy of ScenePast: Movie and TV Show Time Travel