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Contacting the Spirits: 15 People Share Their Scariest Ouija Board Experiences

“I then asked the one question I shouldn’t have: Are you human?”


scariest ouija board experiences

There are those who believe that the Ouija board is a direct channel to the dead and a portal for otherworldly entities. Others say it’s nothing more than a harmless board game. Contacting the spirit world has since become a rite of passage for teenagers around the world, but remember this: there are those who believe the Ouija board works like a phone and anyone on the other side can answer your call, be they good, bad or even the Devil himself.

If you’ve ever fancied dabbling with the dark arts and contacting the dead, read on below as people share their most terrifying true Ouija board stories. They just may change your mind.


1. Vanished

“We were hanging out in a friends dorm room and busted out the ouija board. There were a few of us who had used them before and a few who hadn’t that were quite skeptical. It was about 11:00 P.M. and the communication with the board was going quite well. Gary, one of the skeptics kept calling bullshit to the whole thing. We convinced him to sit on the floor with us and give it a shot. His first question, “Is this for real or just a bunch of bullshit?” The planchette zipped to NO. “Fine” he says, still not believing, “Prove it!” No sooner than he finished that statement, the lights in the room flickered and the buildings fire alarm went off.

This freaked us all out and we left the room to follow fire alarm procedures. After about 20 minutes, campus safety said it was a false alarm and let us all back into the dorms. When we arrived back up to Gary’s room the ouija board was gone. No one took it with us and the room was left locked.” – hammerhands

2. “Are You Human?”

“To start mine, I’ll have to tell my mom’s first. The one and only time she played with it as a kid was enough to last a while. She was with a few friends all of them in their late teens and they got their hands on a ouija board. They set it up in the basement and started asking the standard run of the mill questions. Is someone there? Yes. Are you alone? Yes. Do we know you? Yes. They then asked to spell it’s name. D-E-V-I. They didn’t let it finish and they all ran upstairs.

Fast forward almost 20 years.

My mom and I a few Halloween’s ago decided we’d give ourselves a spook and made our own ouija board out of paper and a glass. We started to ask the same standard questions. Is someone there? Yes. Are you alone? Yes. Do we know you? No.

That peaked my interest. I then asked the one question that I probably shouldn’t have. Are you human?


We packed everything up and shut it down awfully quick. I did the best cleansing I knew of and for a few weeks after we had weird experiences in our apartment. So we called a medicine man to cleanse the apartment.” – Brandalorean


3. “Come Back Soon”

“I visited an alleged “haunted house” with one of my teachers and a few friends. We spent the night there. Sometime around 4:00ish, we talked to one of the three girls who had died of cholera in the 1800s. When we communicated with her, we asked her to show herself, and all she responded with was 11:35.

Flash forward to 11:35, and everyone is together and is really anxious. 11:35 comes, nothing happens. We all relax, but at 11:40, my teacher claimed she saw a girl in the window. Then, the lights flickered on and off once. Then, constant, loud, scary knocking on the doors next to us. It was very very frightening. After it seemed over, we pulled out the Ouija board, and the girl confirmed that was her.

The next morning, we find notes, saying “come back soon!” scattered across the house, written on torn pieces of paper from a notepad that my teacher brought.” – motown165

4. “The Missing Friend”

Photo: ryan / Flickr (CC)

“When I was little, my mom took out a Ouija board and asked my brother and I if we’d like to play with it. She is generally atheist as well, but she has some odd tendencies. It’s difficult to tell if she legitimately believes in some of the things she says, or if she is just messing with us, because she has pretended to believe a lot of odd stuff in the past just to get a rise out of us. We said yes, setting up the Ouija board in the center of the kitchen table.

It started out pretty funny. Someone was obviously moving the glass thing, making words like “poop” and stuff like that. (Did I mention we were young enough for that to be hilarious?) But then my mom said let’s get serious and try to contact someone.

Here is where it gets weird.

A friend of hers had recently gone missing. He’d been missing for a month or so, and nobody knew where he was. When we asked who it was we’re talking to, his name was spelled out. Let’s just say it was George, since I genuinely don’t remember. When we asked George if he was my mom’s friend, he said yes. My mom got visibly upset, and asked where he was. “In a lake” was spelled out.

It was extremely upsetting, and we stopped immediately. Mom tried to be lighthearted about it, and since I was young, I believed it was no big deal as well, following her lead.

About two weeks later, they found George’s body. He been hit by some car or train or something on some bridge, and his body fell into the nearby lake, though it was more like a very large pond. It was a reasonably remote place, so nobody had found it for a while.” – TheTreeMan


5. Dragged Through the Dirt

“In high school, a couple friends, my friend’s mom and myself were talking about a local building being haunted (soil conditioners that sell dirt, bark, and other landscaping goods, rumored to be the location of a murder years before). The mom worked there so we decided to break out the board and give it a shot. I had never used one before so I was skeptical from the jump. The place is essentially a large warehouse with tall metal racks (think Costco or home depot) stacked with bags of dirt, manure, bark and other things like large ceramic flower pots. The board was glow in the dark so we kept all the lights off. Once we got going it started moving around and I was freaking out already.

We asked if something was there to let us know and there was a loud bang that seemed to come from the rafters on the other side of the warehouse. Every question that followed was met with a similar bang from a various location in the warehouse (sometimes close and sometimes far). The last question asked was if it meant us harm and the thingy already on the ‘no’ answer did not move. The question was repeated and immediately followed by the closest noise yet (seemed right on top of us) so we decided to skee fucking daddle.

As we were rushing out we flipped on our flashlights and saw one or two large pots fall from the racks and heard what we would later find to be 40lb bags of bark dropping to the ground. There was also a slow/low grinding noise that when my friends returned the next day was a sledgehammer that had been dragged through the dirt covered cement floor standing straight up in the air with drag marks but no footprints near.

I pretty much believe in ghost now and slept with the lights on for a week.” – roosterculhane

6. “Don’t Hide From Me”

“A few years ago my friends (a group of girls) decided to try this out with a group of guys. We were in the 12th grade at the time. My group of girls had messed around with it before, to varying degrees of success. Well this time, it was my hands on the planchette with my other girlfriend. This thing was moving CRAZY fast, faster than I had ever seen, and seemed to be getting quite agitated by the group of guys we were with who were joking around and not taking it seriously. It essentially told them to shut up and stop talking. I told the guys, seriously please stop being rude I’m kind of freaked out.

Anyways, because I was getting nervous, one of the guys took over, he was a bit more serious about it. Almost immediately the thing spelled out “don’t open the door”. Well we were all in the basement, and there was only one door, so we all kind of looked over at it nervously. Because I was getting anxious, I took the blanket and kind of hid my face. Immediately it spelled out “don’t hide from me”. Everyone was freaked out. The guy who had his hands on the planchette literally started to cry, he wanted to take his hands off, but we have this rule that you don’t take your hands off until you get it to say “goodbye”. Everyone wanted to stop, but it took about 10 minutes of asking dumb questions until the thing finally slid to goodbye.

Some of the guys speculated afterwards, that it meant don’t open the metaphorical door of the spiritual world. The reason being, is we told them to never ask for a sign or else it kind of lets the spirit roam free outside of the board. Before that guy took over, they kept asking for a sign, only for me to cut them off mid-sentence and tell them to knock it off. So this made some sense.

Looking back on it, I am very much quite atheist, so not entirely sure what to make of the situation. But I won’t touch that thing ever again, that’s how much of an impact it left.” – strangeobjects123


7. The Red Light

“My cousin, her friend and I had been dicking around with a board for a few days, nothing really happening, we mostly used it to roll joints on by the end. Then one day my cousin was laying on the couch with her phone in her hand, she stretched out and rested the phone on the Ouija board that was on the coffee table. The moment the phone touched it, it started to vibrate, a red light went on and what sounded like tons of people screaming and talking in tongues came from the phone, it was as if it were on speaker and it filled the room. We were terrified, it lasted a few moments and then the phone shut off. We got so freaked out we threw the board in the garbage and put it on the curb. The phone doesn’t even have a red light.” – projectnaughty


8. The Eagle

ouija board

Photo: ryan / Flickr (CC)

“One of my best experiences involved talking with a spirit of air, which happened back when I believed only in the mental aspect of magic, and thought that the ‘spirits’ I was talking to were just parts of my psyche. To test this I asked the spirit to show some kind of sign of its existence, which I did not expect to manifest. When I asked this a huge eagle (birds being part of an air spirit’s domain) landed right outside my window, stared at me, like, really stared into my eyes, looked down at the board and flew away. Maybe it was coincidence, but I closed down the communication, did a Rose Cross Banishing ritual and noped the fuck away from magic for a while. Good Times.” – EnchantedThrowaway


9. Messages from the Beyond

“My two friends and I tried a ouija board about 15 years ago in front of a bunch of people. We tried to contact my deceased grandfather. It did not work. The pointer started to move and said it was my one friend’s father (the one girl that was doing the board with us) who was deceased before any of us met her. She let go of the pointer so it was just my friend and I manning the board. To verify we asked his middle name. Got it. Asked his birthday. Got the month, day and year correct. To this day when I see my one friend I ask him how he knew all that information about the father. And to this day, he says he didn’t know the information as he never met the deceased father and it wasn’t staged. I know I didn’t know that information.

We asked what he (the father) wanted to say and he just spelled out love and then the infinity motion over and over. We called it quits when the girl started crying profusely and she threw the board away.

A week later, I saw my grandfather’s face in a dream. He was shaky from the stroke he had before he died as he was in my last memories of him. I just looked at him. He slowly raised his head and we made eye contact. I said “I tried to contact you”. He stopped shaking, leveled his face, leaned forward and said, “I know, we let the other guy go”. Then I woke up.” – Bob_Stewer

10. “You’ll Get Burned”

“Played with a Ouija several times many years ago. Got mainly dark and scary replies with names we didn’t know. One claimed to be my Uncle though. We started to do it all the time, every day with a homemade board.

A few weeks later I was in a club, saw a friend I hadn’t seen for maybe 2 years from across the room. He literally came running over to me with a strange look on his face. He said “I can’t believe it’s you! I have something strange to tell you but you have to listen to me.” Before I could answer him he went on.

“I went to see a reader, she told me that she had a message for a friend of mine. A woman…she said your name!! She told me to tell you to stop playing with the Ouija board because you are going to get burnt! Does that make sense to you?” I was speechless and really scared.

I don’t know if that was for real, or how else it could have happened. But I sure as hell never touched one again.” – Anonymous


11. “Is This Alison?”

“Me and a close friend have used the ouija board a handful of times over the last few years. Every time we have played and asked who we were speaking too it tells us Alison. Our good friend Alison committed suicide 8 years ago. Most of the questions we ask her answered with her spelling out “mom”. Most of the time the vibe feels good and nothing weird happens. One night we were playing and all of a sudden the mood switched. The vibe in the room was eerie and something didn’t feel right. We both sensed it and I asked if Alison was still with us and it said no. We decided to end the session when the planchette started moving very fast around the whole board…if our fingers hadn’t been planted firmly it would have flew right off the board. We said our closing saying and said goodbye to whoever the hell we let it. We put it away and eerie dark feeling in the room went away. – Sage311


12. It Followed Her

ouija board

Photo: ryan /Flickr (CC)

“When I was in my first year of uni we started playing with a home made oujia, there were like 5 of us. We contacted some spirit whose name I’m glad to have forgotten, and as we were talking to it, the doorbell rang and one of my friends had to go as her dad was there to pick her up.

We didn’t ‘close’ the session by saying good bye to the spirit as we had no clue, and just threw the paper away.

Now the girl that had to leave early started acting strange and didn’t hang with the rest of us as much. A few months after, she told us she went to get a ‘cleansing’ as she wasn’t feeling like herself, and told us that the moment she stepped in the door, the witch-lady that was going to cleanse her totally freaked out, and told her she had a spirit with her (and used the VERY SAME NAME that we had seen on the ouija many months before). She told my friend that the spirit was ‘following’ her as we didn’t close the session and attempted to cleanse her without any success.

She tried to commit suicide about 3 times after this, dropped uni and went to live somewhere else so I’ve lost touch with her.” – CherryCandee


13. Through His Eyes

“I was about 12 or 13 spending the night at a friend’s house, goofing around with the Ouija board with him & his sister and we were getting all sorts of gibberish plus words spelled out, just kind of scaring ourselves for fun not taking it very seriously when we got the message “I can see you through the window” and then “I can see you through his eyes” or something like that … there was just a small window in the basement room where we were, and just the back yard and woods past the driveway visible through that window … We asked it more questions and it said “I’m under the car” so we somehow got up the nerve to go out with a flashlight and peer under the car, where we saw a huge black stray cat which was hissing.

We ran inside freaking out and at that exact moment the power failed and all the lights in the house went out. We just about actually shit ourselves. Few minutes later the power came back and we sat up till dawn that night scared and never played with the board again.” – no_springs

14. “The Blood on You”

“My limited experience with the Ouija board left me with one impression: It was ‘possessed’. I was 9 or 10 at the time, my neighborhood friends were a bit older. Each of us only had one finger on the planchette, but it moved with incredible ferocity. I don’t recall it spelling out anything of importance before we all looked at each other in horror and snatched our hands away. I DO, however, have an interesting story via my uncle:

He attended a bible college in the early 1960s in Southern California. My Uncle’s friend was in his dorm room with two fellow classmates, asking the Ouija board questions, receiving intriguing answers and it was truly WORKING…

When this friend’s roommate came home and walked through the door, the planchette stopped moving. Just like that. They kept asking, “Where did you go?… Why did you stop communicating…?” It slowly spelled out: ‘Because of the blood on you’.

The roommate who had arrived home was a born-again Christian whereas the others at the Ouija board were, shall we say, ‘going through the motions’ … My Uncle’s friend was so struck by this experience, he also became a true Believer.

Since it’s not my own experience, I can’t vouch for it, but it always stayed with me. My Uncle is a very, very serious man and not one to tell tall tales.” – platinumnum


15. Double Six

“I have a story related to a board game, although not the Ouija specifically.

Two years ago I lived in this house that had a lot of strange going on’s. Running up the stairs while no one was home, shadows that passed along our floor lights in the hallways.

One day my girlfriend was over mid-afternoon and we were playing Monopoly. We were a good hour or so in the game and I roll a two and a six, and I passed Go on that roll as well. So she reached to her side and handed me the $200.

She then states, roll again. I was a bit confused and said, what for? She then looks at the dice and said look, you rolled doubles, two sixes. I did not touch the dice, she did not touch the dice, neither of our hands was in the vicinity of the dice. Yet somehow the two changed into a six. We both wondered what would’ve been spelled out if there were three dice involved.

I wasn’t phased much since I lived there and weird shit happened all the time. She was definitely freaked out and we never played monopoly there again.” – jordan8anthony

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