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Speaking with the Dead: An Interview with Psychic Profiler Robbie Thomas

Robbie Thomas’ psychic abilities have helped solve some gruesome crimes.


What's it like to speak to the other side. 

This interview originally appeared in Paranormal Underground. The following is an edited version of the original.

Long-time paranormal investigator, psychic medium, criminal profiler, and author Robbie Thomas recently talked with Paranormal Underground magazine about his work, mission in the paranormal field, and psychic abilities. Continue reading to find out more.


Q: Please talk a little bit about yourself, both personally and professionally.

Robbie: I’m married to my lovely wife of 23 years, and together we have three beautiful daughters. Over the years of working within the paranormal field, I’ve been lucky enough to work with many integral individuals in their own right on many projects in film and television.

I’ve toured throughout North America on several of my own tours, including “The Power Of Spirit Tour,” “Psychic Justice Tour,” and “Paranormal Encounters Tour.” I’ve also been a keynote speaker at paranormal conventions and assisted law enforcement on many unsolved murder/missing person’s cases.

I love to write and have authored nine books, with my 10th about to be released. It’s called Psychic Profiler—The Real Deal (Memoirs of a Life’s Work), which deals with the many murder/missing person’s cases I’ve assisted law enforcement and families with over the past 25 years.

The book will contain my sketches, correspondence with law enforcement, and very detailed information the general public never gets to see or hear about. The book is completely backed and endorsed by those detectives/law enforcement officials and families I’ve helped in each case.

I also take part in creating several television treatments, some of which are now in development and awaiting the green light. One such show is Psychic Profiler, in which I work directly with law enforcement on some of the toughest heinous crimes committed. The program isn’t scripted or altered; it’s as you see it, raw and real!

Q: How did you become interested in the paranormal and actively investigating it?

Robbie: I’ve always been attuned to the spirit world, and as a child this connection revealed itself 
to me in many stages. It wasn’t so much of my seeking out the other side as it was the other side seeking me out throughout my life.

Growing up with abilities was painstaking because of the understanding that followed with each lesson learned along the way. I write about this in two of my books, A Link to Heaven and Signs From Heaven.

Q: Talk about when you first discovered you were a psychic medium.

Robbie: I don’t know that I would call it “realizing” or “discovering” that there was something special. I remember feeling this way when I was a child, even at age two or three. I recall asking my mother, “Is there somebody else that belongs to the family. I feel either I’m adopted or there’s someone else?” That used to eat at my mother, because going back to the 1960s in the Roman Catholic Church, if you had a baby out of wedlock, they would take the baby away and they would adopt the baby out.

My mother, as a young woman, met this gentleman who promised her the world, but he fell short on a lot of his promises. My mom, in the meantime, ended up becoming pregnant and having a child. Years later, after that child had been given up for adoption, my mother met my father, married him, and then had me. By the time I was two or three, I was already asking all these questions. I realized later I was hindering her healing by always asking. I was being a thorn in her side, so-to-speak, in reminding her that she had this other child and she had given it away.

When my mom passed, my aunt and my uncle took me aside. We were just talking about my mother, as we had just finished her funeral that week. As we were sitting they said, “You know, you were right. There was another child, and she’s been looking for you. Her name is Mary.” And then they told me the stories that I just told you.

robbie thomas paranormal undergound

Q: What type of psychic and mediumistic abilities do you possess?

Robbie: Many people put labels or titles to what they refer themselves as and into different categories to identify what they feel they are. I personally like to refer to it as having “ability.”

Psychic profiler came from a producer long ago, and it stuck. Psychic medium came from the long line of many who had the title before it latched itself onto me. Psychic detective was also given to me from law enforcement over the years, and the list goes on and on. At the end of the day, I’m just me, and my name is Robbie.

As far as the ability itself, I can see, hear, envision, and perceive, and it comes naturally. One example of my ability follows: two days before a young girl went missing, I saw exactly where her body would be within the tree line, what she looked like, and her age. That beautiful young girl was Victoria, and a letter from her family is on my website as to how I came to assist in this case. Another example is in my book Time Shift: The Paradigm. Not only on my social media did I make reference to this occurrence about to happen days before it did, but I spoke with a film producer who wrote a validation within the book on the happening and how he was taken back and referred to it as “remarkable.”

In another murder case, I asked for the young boy to give me the murderer’s name, and he did. Cecil is what I heard, and it turned out the man who murdered him was named Cecil. I’ve always said, it’s a life we all live, and it involves spirit completely. We all possess ability, some more so than others and others different than most.

Q: What interests you most about the paranormal?

Robbie: What interests me most is the interaction and how alive people are on the other side. I love the learning they share with us, letting us know there is nothing to fear and life is very much worth living.

Q: Whose work in the paranormal field do you respect the most and why?

Robbie: I really have no favorites when it comes to this field
of work. I admire life and the fact people take the time to know more about this field. Everyone has their own way of investigating life or the paranormal. It’s not so much the work or research of an individual that appeals to me. More so than that, they do it for the betterment for all and have no ego or disposition of saying they’re experts for there is no room for that whatsoever in this life we live, because we live it together one day at a time.

Q: What different types of locations have you investigated?

Robbie: I’ve been lucky to go to Terceria Island, Graciasa Island, Moundsville Prison, Manteno State Asylum, the Studabacker Mansion, Al Capone’s speakeasy, Rolling Hills Asylum, Crown Point Jail, the Sallie House, Perryville Battlefield, Orpheum Theater, the Glick Mansion, Old Talbott Tavern, Casa Loma Castle, and many more!

Q: What equipment do you usually take with you on an investigation?

Robbie: I actually don’t use equipment. I use what is built in me, my senses!

Q: What methodologies do you use during investigations?

Robbie: Once again, I just use my ability and what I know within me. There is nothing utilized other than what God has given me. I like watching others utilize many different pieces of equipment during their investigations, but for me, it’s all natural.

robbie thomas paranormal undergound

Robbie Thomas reviews a double homicide case with international Police Chief Kevin Smith

Q: How did you first become involved in criminal profiling?

Robbie: Many years ago I went through to be a police officer. Not just once, but twice! My first time or attempt was met by a hiring and firing the same day. Yes, I know what you are thinking, but I was only 17 at the time and you needed to be 20 to become an auxiliary on the force.

Well, when the chief came in to look at the three prospects out of literally a hundred individuals who did all the testing, be it mental or physical testing, there before him were the three top and one was me. Yes I was 17, but looked 20 or older. Once he read the paperwork I signed and my date of birth, he laughed out loud and sat in his chair looking at me. He said, “Son, you have to come back when you’re 20 to become an auxiliary!” That was it, my first hire and fire as a police officer.

Second time around, I was of age and did testing in a town outside of Toronto, Canada. Went through to the final stages and interviews and was accepted. I went home elated to the fact I was chosen. As I sat in my kitchen that morning of arriving back home from testing, I hear a lady’s voice screaming, “Accident … Accident!” I ran through my back door area, hopped the fence, and came face to face with a frantic older lady, pointing to the end of the driveway, down the long townhomes that were in front of me. I ran as fast
as I could, and as I rounded the driveway toward the street, there was no accident. I heard a voice yell to me, “Over here … Over here!” I then noticed a man standing by his patio door entrance, waving me over. I approached him, and he pulled me into a kitchen area where I noticed a lady running around a table screaming and crying, another man to my right holding a doorknob on a door that was shut.

I walked over to the gentleman, and he looked at me with death in his eyes; he opened the door, pushed me into a very small bathroom, to which I had my eyes on the floor looking for blood from this so called “accident.” Well, my eyes met this older gentleman who was staring directly at me, and I started to ask if he was OK. No response. I checked for vitals, none. I was going to begin CPR and that is when I heard, “Let me go!”

I stepped back for a brief moment, thinking, “No, I just didn’t hear that,” and I went to begin CPR once again. This is when I heard it really loud. “Let me go!” Yes, the man in front of me was speaking to me from his spirit. He was dead, and he most certainly didn’t want me to interfere with that whatsoever.

Long story short, after this gentleman’s funeral, I decided I didn’t want to become a police officer after all. I knew I had a different path to follow, and I was being guided this way. Well, you just don’t quit after being hired on as a police officer, so once I called the people I needed to contact to explain, they told me I had to call a certain captain up to explain. They made arrangements to bring a film crew to my home that included a sergeant and captain. They were making a film on first responders who quit under duress.

Now, you can imagine after me telling them I didn’t quit because of stress issues and I explained the entire story of the man in the bathroom, their jaws hit the floor. So, that was my second go around of being a hired police officer. This is where it all started for me at age 21.

My first case in criminal profiling was sitting two feet from a murderer, listening to his confession if you will, as he explained to me about being part of a murder and was there while a young boy was shot and killed. Again, I was only 21 years of age. I’m now 50.

robbie thomas paranormal undergound

Robbie Thomas and international Police Chief Kevin Smith discuss a double homicide case in Kentucky, which was filmed by the America’s Most Wanted film crew

Q: Tell us about your work as a criminal profiler? Do you work directly with police and/or other authorities?

Robbie: I work alongside law enforcement and families. In my upcoming book, Psychic Profiler—The Real Deal, there are many cases from over the years, and in those explicit chapters on each case, people will read the words from law enforcement themselves about how we work together and the outcome of each case.

There are also letters from the families and other agencies who were all involved working together. Also, folks can go to my Website to see the many endorsements from law enforcement and agencies (www.robbiethomas.net).

Q: As a criminal profiler, what is your process?

Robbie: In many of the cases I help out in, I profile before, during, and after on murder cases. I’m able to give locations, details of areas in question, method of crime, and the mindset of the perpetrator. I, at times, become part of the case through spirit, which allows me to see what takes place, who is involved, and how a crime is committed.

Through this I also do automatic hand writing/drawing of what I’m seeing and hearing. Sketches help out quite a bit in every case. This process will also be demonstrated in my upcoming book.

Q: What case do you remember the most and why?

Robbie: I would say every case that deals with a child impacts me. When I go see these families, I sometimes bring my wife and children. My wife has been on a few cases with me, because I need someone to whom I can relay my talk, so to speak. This helps in what I’m seeing.

My family got to meet Victoria’s family—the father, the grandma, the aunt (the spokesman of the family), and we went to their home. It’s like you become adopted into their family, and you come to love them, wanting to do whatever it is you can to help them. When I look at the families, every case impacts me, whether it deals with an elderly gentleman or a beautiful lady who is missing. To see the hurt in these families, I just wish I could do more.

Q: What is the most compelling evidence of the paranormal that you have captured?

Robbie: We were in Al Capone’s speakeasy while filming. I was asked to describe a certain area of this speakeasy, to which the owner, Don Kress looks at me astonished. Kress directed our crew through a corridor to a room that was just I described.

During this time, a crewmember took a snapshot down the hall, in which I was pointing at seeing a little boy. In the doorway, a little boy peeked out at us and was captured on film.

When we first arrived in Chicago, we stayed at a hotel to get some rest. It was during this night my first encounter with an individual at 5:30 a.m. occurred. He told me to write down and underline “like the photograph” and told me his name was “The Waiter.”

There were many more things he told me that I scribbled down on paper. Later we validated these things by talking to Don Kress. The biggest thing was that when I was finished with this encounter with The Waiter, I went immediately to Christopher O’Brien from the show Ancient Aliens and woke him up at around 5:30 a.m. 
to show him exactly what I wrote down and about this encounter. When we discussed this with Don that next morning, he turned white and made haste to his office to retrieve a photo of Al Capone and his thugs.

In that photo was a man. His name was Paul Ricca, and he was known as The Waiter. This was amazing and lent credence to the fact that spirit knows when I’m around or coming to where I will engage them.

Q: What is your book, Time Shift: The Paradigm, about?

Robbie: This book started out to be a screenplay for
a movie. As many things transpired quickly over a few days, it was like the movie itself was playing out in my mindset. I was so focused on the movie aspect, but the visions being shown to me were actually about to come true in real life.

Knowing the intent was fictional and then having everything come true at a later date was striking. More on this book and all the elements that have come true so far up to today can be found here.

robbie thomas paranormal undergound

Robbie Thomas with Crime Stoppers board of directors member Sean Robbins

Q: Talk about common misconceptions about the paranormal field that you’ve encountered?

Robbie: The biggest misconception in the paranormal field is that some call themselves experts. In the ever- growing and living paranormal/spiritual life, we all are students, learning many lessons, and class is always in for everyone. No one is an expert in any form in this field. Some might have more experience, but that doesn’t make them an expert whatsoever.

Another misconception is the granting of certificates saying someone has obtained a level of expertise. I like to know who indoctrinated the individual or online class that has embellished this crazy idea to award such lunacy. Over the many years of being in this field, I’m sure it’s not just me, but many have witnessed this so-called “ownership” of locations where people go on weekends to sit in the dark, holding recorders, and scream into the night air. Those on the other side truly look upon this type of behavior as children at play.

The missed-out opportunity that everyone is overlooking would be the fact we’re all in this together, one race, not divided, to learn and help in this life we have. I guess the biggest misconception in the paranormal field would be that everyone gets along.

Q: What locations do you have on your wishlist to investigate?

Robbie: The Great Wall of China. Now this would be a place of many unrested souls. Imagine how many people’s lives were lost in making this wall and that are buried within it. There are stories to be told from the other side I’m most certain. Another great place would be Jerusalem, the city of many nations—along with its history that alone is very appealing.

Q: What words of wisdom would you offer amateur ghost hunters investigating for the first time?

Robbie: First and foremost, take your time in any location you go to. Don’t just think a one-time visit to a location is a definite conclusion. Always set your sites on a location and make that location a life’s work. Sure it’s great to visit many locations, but a serious investigation or investigator will return to a particular site of interest for years or longer to create a long list of doctrine and ample proof before they conclude their findings.

I know it’s exciting to go on an encounter and reveal your findings, but remember they are inconclusive if you can’t reproduce the same several times. It’s like a geologist. He goes to the same dig for years until he can prove his findings conclusively. Love your work, love your life, and if you love what you do, it isn’t work! It’s a way of life.

Q: What else should our readers know about you?

Robbie: I’m a (and here comes those drastic titles …) psychic profiler/psychic medium/spiritual counselor who helps families and police fight crime while bringing solace to those who need it. Over many years of assisting in murder/missing person’s cases, I have been able to give details to these devastating crimes or happenings, which have led to finding lost people, arrests being made in murder cases, and bringing closure to families who desperately need it.

I work closely with families in conjunction with law enforcement, and in the past I have never charged for this assistance or taken any monies as a reward.

Readers may not know that in addition to my book, Time Shift: The Paradigm, I have also created or appeared in Dead Whisper, The Sallie House, and Paradox (Parasylum Director’s Cut).

For more information on Robbie Thomas, visit RobbieThomas.net

All photos via Paranormal Underground