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[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Win Five Terrifying Horror Books from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing

This thrilling package includes a copy of We Need to Do Something by Max Booth III, now a major motion picture! 

Antioch by Jessica Leonard

Editor's note: This giveaway is now closed. 

This month, we’ve partnered with Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing (PMMP) to give away a grand package of five horror books—including one brand new title. Works published by PMMP have gone on to receive recognition from the Bram Stoker Awards, This Is Horror, and the Splatterpunk Awards. 

In 2020, an adaptation of Max Booth III’s novella We Need to Do Something—a copy of which is included in this package!—was filmed in Detroit, directed by Sean King O’Grady and starring Sierra McCormic, Vinessa Shaw, and Pay Healy. Booth also write the screenplay, and the film was released in theaters and video on demand in September 2021.

Read more about the five books included in this heart-pounding package below and enter your email for a chance to win this can’t-miss prize!

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About the Books

We Need to Do Something by Max Booth III

We Need to Do Something

By Max Booth III


A family on the verge of self-destruction finds themselves isolated in their bathroom during a tornado warning. The growing tension mounts into palpable terror, culminating in a waking nightmare.

We Need to Do Something by Max Booth III
Antioch by Jessica Leonard


By Jessica Leonard

Antioch used to be a quiet small town where nothing bad ever happened. Now six women have been savagely murdered. The media dubs the killer “Vlad the Impaler” due to the gruesome crime scenes of his victims. Clues are drying up fast and the hunt for the monster responsible is hitting a dead end.

After picking up a late-night transmission on her short-wave radio, a local bookseller named Bess becomes convinced a seventh victim has already been abducted. Bess is used to spending her nights alone reading about Amelia Earhart conspiracy theories, and now a new mystery has fallen in her lap: one she might actually be able to solve.

Assuming she doesn’t also wind up abducted.

Antioch, a cross between Session 9 and Disappearance at Devil’s Rock, is an eerie mind-bending debut horror novel guaranteed to leave you drowning in paranoia.

Antioch by Jessica Leonard
The Writhing Skies by Betty Rocksteady

The Writhing Skies

By Betty Rocksteady

Glowing lights and figures in tattered robes force Sarah from her apartment. Outside, phosphorescent creatures infiltrate her every orifice. They want to know everything, especially the things she would rather forget.

The Writhing Skies by Betty Rocksteady
Beneath the Salton Sea by Michael Paul Gonzalez

Beneath the Salton Sea

By Michael Paul Gonzalez

Nothing about the Salton Sea is normal. The sand isn’t sand. Just piles and piles of desiccated bones. There are little pockets where life clings on, birds, reptiles, people. It’s an ecosystem of living things that rely on other living things too stubborn to leave. Life forcing itself on death, or maybe the other way around.

Dee and her wife Sharon find this out the hard way after making a quick stop at Salvation Mountain to film some b-roll and see the sights out in the middle of the vast nothing. A bizarre rumor of a “crack in the sky” from one of the locals sends them on the hunt for an abandoned yacht club— where they make a discovery that changes their lives forever, and those close to them as well.

Beneath the Salton Sea is a cosmic horror technological nightmare transcribing the raw honesty of what makes a family, what breaks them, the difficulties of communication, and the painful joy of memories.

Beneath the Salton Sea by Michael Paul Gonzalez
She Was Found in a Guitar Case by David James Keaton

She Was Found in a Guitar Case

By David James Keaton

Recently fired from his job, Dave sets out on a manic, misguided quest for answers up the food chain of law enforcement corruption and down the increasingly bizarre Florida coastline. Battling cops, biker gangs, backwoods Bigfoot hunters, and getting tangled in tourist traps (both figurative and literal), he eventually stumbles onto a conspiracy involving body cameras, love locks, and a grand psychological experiment which may reveal the revolving doors and invisible walls of the nation’s prison system.

She Was Found in a Guitar Case by David James Keaton

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Note: The sweepstakes is open to all legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C. who are 18 years of age and older by November 12, 2021.