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Murder in a Sleepy Town

Read our suspect profiles and see if you can pinpoint the perp in Marlys Millhiser's whodunnit, Murder at Moot Point.


Once peaceful, the town of Moot Point, Oregon, is rocked when the lifeless body of local gossip Georgette Glick is found wedged beneath a Toyota. Her bicycle bent and mangled off to the side.

But, wait. A few principles of detection later, and we learn the 78-year-old Georgette died not from a tragic accident but rather a gunshot to the head. Her murderer, gone. And the once-friendly people of Moot Point, all suspects.

Below are a few profiles of said persons of interest in Marlys Millhiser’s Murder at Moot Point. Read through and see if you can figure out just who shot Georgette. And why.

 The Usual Suspects

Gladys Bergkvist: The Black Widow

Gladys’s husband went mysteriously missing. Rumors swirl (a.k.a. Georgette suspects) that after Gladys found out he’d bequeathed his inheritance to an artist colony, Gladys murdered him in a greedy rage. Did Gladys kill Georgette to stop the rumors for good?

Rose: Everyone’s Friend

Everyone likes Rose and comes to her café for good food and a good chat. The locals also come to her for her psychic powers, often sensing secrets that others are trying to keep. Did Rose have a vision of who murdered Georgette?

Doc Withers: Holistic Veterinarian

The local animal doctor knows everyone’s business and was close to one of his patient’s owners … a little too close.  With rumors of Doc having an affair with Gladys Bergkvist and the possibility of Georgette discovering the affair, would that be enough reason to kill her?

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Photo: Curtis Perry / Flickr