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Welcome to The Murder Chronicles, a Murder Mystery Podcast Set in New Orleans

Jim Sherl is about to uncover one grisly killing that hits too close to home...

murder chronicles podcast

Welcome to our special presentation of The Murder Chronicles, a serialized mystery set in New Orleans. We first unveiled the tale in written form, penned by author Adrian Van Young. Now the serial has sprung to life as a dark and deadly audio adventure.

Meet Jim Sherl, a bleed-it-leads photojournalist who, along with his buddy, Cajun Rob, stalks the streets of New Orleans looking for their next grim payday. But when the pair catch a homicide report on their police scanner, they stumble upon one grisly killing that hits too close to home.

Now Jim must get to bottom of the murder mystery before the Big Easy’s dark side swallows him whole.

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Earbuds in? Good. Then let’s head to the scene of the crime.


THE MURDER CHRONICLES – CHAPTERS 1 & 2 – Meet Jim Sherl, a bleed-it-leads photojournalist who uncovers one grisly killing that hits too close to home.


THE MURDER CHRONICLES – CHAPTERS 3 & 4 – The mystery of Ecks’ grisly death takes a strange new twist when Sherl and Cajun Rob track down their former rival’s driver at a seedy rock club. Then, after long night of chasing leads, Sherl heads home only to find his front door cracked open with someone waiting inside.


THE MURDER CHRONICLES – CHAPTERS 5 & 6 – A familiar face shines new light onto the brutal murder of Ecks Chinsky. Sherl and Cajun Rob are close to unraveling the mystery, when a second line parade stirs up an explosive scene.


THE MURDER CHRONICLES – CHAPTERS 7 & 8 – Sherl and Cajun Rob struggle to make sense of the second line attack, when a mysterious stranger appears at Sherl’s doorstep with a midnight proposition. Later, a visit to the Seven Oaks nursing home cracks the case wide open.


THE MURDER CHRONICLES – CHAPTER 9 – Sherl and Cajun Rob close in on the sinister force behind the Big Easy killings, only to discover their top suspect keeps some surprising friends.


THE MURDER CHRONICLES – CHAPTER 10 – Jim Sherl finally confronts Ecks Chinsky’s killer, and comes face to face with the sinister force that set the Big Easy murders into motion.


THE MURDER CHRONICLES – CHAPTERS 11 & 12 – Jim Sherl fights for his life as the dark and crooked truth about the Big Easy murder case is finally revealed.