SUMMER GIVEAWAY: Win a Bundle of Searing New True Crime and Horror Books

From killer clowns to a decades-old cold case, this giveaway has it all.

august 2020 giveaway
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You won’t want to miss out on this epic August giveaway. This month, one lucky winner will get their hands on a bundle of five bloodcurdling new books that have all the thrills and chills you need to wrap up your summer reading. With a pulse-pounding horror novel about a murderous clown, an otherworldly thriller by Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro and bestselling author Chuck Hogan, a gripping true crime investigation into the tragic case of Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman, and more, this giveaway is sure to send shivers down your spine. Here’s what we’re giving away:

1. Hell in the Heartland by Jax Miller, a detailed account of the 1999 disappearances of Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible

2. The Heart and Other Monsters by Rose Andersen, an intensely personal true crime memoir about the opioid crisis

3. The Hollow Ones by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, a suspenseful tale about an FBI agent who comes face-to-face with unspeakable evil, from the authors of the Strain Trilogy

4. Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare, a YA horror debut featuring a bloodthirsty clown who wreaks havoc on a rural town

5. Killer Women by Nigel Cawthorne, a true crime book that breaks down the psychology of female murderers

Read more about the books below, and enter your email address for your chance to win!

About the Books

Released July 28, 2020

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Hell in the Heartland

By Jax Miller

S-Town meets I'll Be Gone in the Dark in this stranger-than-fiction cold case from rural Oklahoma...

On December 30, 1999, in rural Oklahoma, sixteen-year-old Ashley Freeman and her best friend, Lauria Bible, were having a sleepover. The next morning, the Freeman family trailer was in flames and both girls were missing.

While rumors of drug debts, revenge, and police corruption abounded in the years that followed, the case remained unsolved and the girls were never found.

In 2015, crime writer Jax Miller—who had been haunted by the case—decided to travel to Oklahoma to find out what really happened on that winter night in 1999, and why the story was still simmering more than fifteen years later. What she found was more than she could have ever bargained for: evidence of jaw-dropping levels of police negligence, entire communities ravaged by methamphetamine addiction, and a series of interconnected murders with an ominously familiar pattern.

These forgotten towns were wild, lawless, and home to some very dark secrets.

Released July 7, 2020

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The Heart and Other Monsters

By Rose Andersen

A riveting, deeply personal exploration of the opioid crisis—an empathic memoir infused with hints of true crime.

In November 2013, Rose Andersen's younger sister Sarah died of an overdose in the bathroom of her boyfriend's home in a small town with one of the highest rates of opioid use in the state. Like too many of her generation, she had become addicted to heroin. Sarah was 24 years old.

To imagine her way into Sarah's life, Rose revisits their volatile childhood, marked by their stepfather's omnipresent rage and their father's pathological lying. As the dysfunction comes into focus, so does a broader picture of the opioid crisis and the drug rehabilitation industry in small towns across America. And when Rose learns from the coroner that Sarah's cause of death was a methamphetamine overdose, the story takes a wildly unexpected turn.

As Andersen sifts through her sister's last days, we come to recognize the contours of grief and its aftermath: the psychic shattering which can turn to anger, the pursuit of an ever-elusive verdict, and the intensely personal rites of imagination and art needed to actually move on.

Reminiscent of Alex Marzano-Lesnevich's The Fact of a Body, Maggie Nelson's Jane: A Murder, and Lacy M. Johnson's The Other Side, Andersen's debut is a potent, profoundly original journey into and out of loss.

Released August 4, 2020

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The Hollow Ones

By Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

A horrific crime that defies explanation, a rookie FBI agent in uncharted territory, and an extraordinary hero for the ages: an investigation spirals out of control in this heart-pounding thriller.

Odessa Hardwicke's life is derailed when she's forced to turn her gun on her partner, Walt Leppo, a decorated FBI agent who turns suddenly, inexplicably violent while apprehending a rampaging murderer. The shooting, justified by self-defense, shakes the young FBI agent to her core. Devastated, Odessa is placed on desk leave pending a full investigation. But what most troubles Odessa isn't the tragedy itself—it's the shadowy presence she thought she saw fleeing the deceased agent's body after his death.

Questioning her sanity and her future with the FBI, Hardwicke accepts a low-level assignment to clear out the belongings of a retired agent in the New York office. What she finds there will put her on the trail of a mysterious figure named Hugo Blackwood, a man of enormous means who claims to have been alive for centuries. He’s either an unhinged lunatic, or humanity's best and only defense against unspeakable evil.

From the authors who brought you The Strain Trilogy comes a strange, terrifying, and darkly wondrous world of suspense, mystery, and literary horror. The Hollow Ones is a chilling, spell-binding tale, a hauntingly original new fable from Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro and bestselling author Chuck Hogan featuring their most fascinating character yet.

Available August 25, 2020

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Clown in a Cornfield

By Adam Cesare

In Adam Cesare’s terrifying young adult debut, Quinn Maybrook finds herself caught in a battle between old and new, tradition and progress—that just may cost her life.

Quinn Maybrook and her father have moved to tiny, boring Kettle Springs to find a fresh start. But what they don’t know is that ever since the Baypen Corn Syrup Factory shut down, Kettle Springs has cracked in half.

On one side are the adults, who are desperate to make Kettle Springs great again, and on the other are the kids, who want to have fun, make prank videos, and get out of Kettle Springs as quick as they can.

Kettle Springs is caught in a battle between old and new, tradition and progress. It’s a fight that looks like it will destroy the town. Until Frendo, the Baypen mascot, a creepy clown in a pork-pie hat, goes homicidal and decides that the only way for Kettle Springs to grow back is to cull the rotten crop of kids who live there now.

Released July 21, 2020

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Killer Women

By Nigel Cawthorne

The chilling inside story of women who are driven to kill

Killer women are the most disturbing yet compelling of all criminals, representing the very darkest side of humanity and subverting the conventional view of women as the weaker sex.

From Elizabeth Bathory, 'The Bloody Countess' whose vampire-like tendencies terrorized sixteenth-century Hungary, to the Moors Murderer Myra Hindley and the Florida Highway Killer Aileen Wuornos, these women transfix us with their extreme ability to commit savage acts of cruelty and depravity.

Most chilling is the fact that many of their victims represent the most vulnerable in society: babies, the ill and infirm, and the elderly. In some cases their methods of disposing of the corpses fall nothing short of ingenious: for example, Leonarda Cianciulli, 'The Soap-Maker of Correggio,' used the fat from her victims' bodies to make soap and teacakes to sell to unsuspecting customers. These killers' backgrounds, methods, and their crimes are described in forensic and gripping detail.

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Note: The sweepstakes is open to all legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, DC who are 18 years of age and older by August 14, 2020.

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Published on 18 Mar 2019