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Missing Man Solves His Own Cold Case

Police assumed a man missing for 30 years was dead ... until the victim had his "Aha!" moment.

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  • Photo Credit: Featured photo: Peter Gargiulo / Unsplash

A man who was 21 years old when he vanished from a group home in 1986 has reportedly solved a cold case. Um, make that his own cold case.

According to the New York Post, Edgar Latulip suddenly remembered who he was—a whopping 30 years after he disappeared in the first place.

Authorities always figured the Ontario man had killed himself, since the last time his mother saw him, he was in the hospital after a suicide attempt. But his mother believed a potentially worse fate had befallen him, assuming foul play was responsible for his death.

“When Edgar disappeared … I was near a nervous breakdown,” she reportedly noted a couple years back. “Having an answer would mean closure.”

No one was more surprised than her, surely, when local officials announced the man was “alive and well” 80 miles away from where he’d originally vanished. He had apparently told a social worker that he remembered who he was—after 30 years! The social worker did some investigative research (thanks, Google!) and found his missing persons case.

Police say Latulip had fallen down and suffered a head injury that caused him to forget who he was.

Police did a DNA test and confirmed the man’s claims; now they’re working to help reunite him with his relieved family. His mom reportedly hasn’t talked to him yet, but is “overwhelmed to know he was alive,” per the Post.

This article was first published on Crime Feed.

Featured photo: Peter Gargiulo / Unsplash