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Mayhem Is the Most Twisted Action Horror of 2017 That You Never Saw—and It’s Streaming Now

Starring Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving, "Mayhem" is a gleefully savage indie horror gem that you may have missed but deserves your attention.

2017 was a bloody good year for horror. So good, in fact, that some killer flicks slipped through the cracks. Case in point? Mayhem, a gleefully savage indie horror gem released this past November that you may have missed but deserves your attention.

Thankfully, the dark minds at Shudder picked it up for their streaming service—and they’re offering a special deal just for our readers. Use offer code 'MAYHEMLU' to watch it with a 30-day free trial. 

Starring The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving, Mayhem is set inside a cutthroat corporate office where a viral outbreak triggers a white-collar bloodbath.

mayhem horror movie steven yeun samara weaving
  • Photo Credit: Circle of Confusion

Derek Cho (Yeun) is clawing his way up Towers and Smythe Consulting, a less-than-virtuous law firm. TSC established the “Red Eye defense” after a case of the Red Eye virus—a dangerous contagion that breaks down moral barriers and causes the infected to act out their darkest impulses—led to murder. According to the lawyers at Towers and Smythe, the virus was responsible for the slaying, not the individual who committed the act.

Derek, once thrilled to join such a successful company, is now burned out by the greed. As Mayhem opens, he’s unjustly axed for someone else’s mistake. Security is about to toss him out when the Red Eye virus gets in, triggering a total lockdown of the Towers and Smythe building. 

As the virus spreads and the office descends into chaos, Derek joins forces with Melanie Cross (Weaving), a former client with her own grudge against TSC. Together, they bash, beat, and bludgeon their way through the hostile work environment to reach the executives at the top floor and exact their revenge. 

After all: The virus is to blame, right? 

mayhem horror movie steven yeun samara weaving
  • Photo Credit: Circle of Confusion

Yeun and Weaving turn in wonderfully twisted performances in Mayhem, charging into each fight scene with wild-eyed glee. Adding to the fun are sinister performances from corporate supervillains Dallas Roberts, Steven Brand, and Caroline Chikezie—making Mayhem a blood-spattered riot.

With its brutal battle sequences and terrifyingly good gore, this tightly wound 86-minute horror thriller will keep you invested the whole way through. For all those exhausted by the daily grind and in need of some demented fun, Mayhem is the perfect cure.

Mayhem is available now on Shudder. Not yet a Shudder member? Use offer code 'MAYHEMLU' to start your 30-day free trial and unlock Mayhemalong with hundreds of other horror and thriller flickstonight!

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Published on 02 Feb 2018

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