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Think Like a Catfish

Because Internet sleuths shouldn't get to break up your online "relationships."


Some people have made it their mission to sleuth out fake relationships online (we’re looking at you, Catfish guys.)

Matt Homann, mastermind behind Invisible Girlfriend / Invisible Boyfriend, has made it his business to create them.

The web app – almost in private beta mode – provides lonely singletons the tools to whip up fictitious significant others in just a few clicks. To get started, all you have to do is sign up, pay a fee, and choose your fake mate’s name, age, and face. If friends ask how you met your mysterious lover, spew out a whopper of a tale created by filling in a Mad Libs-style questionnaire.

Zip code matching makes sure you won’t be able to choose a bogus beau in your area.

Which is good, since the average person can still sniff out a fishy story from a mile away.

Courtesy of Invisible Girlfriend