Mad Max Meets WWIII

Fly the post-apocalyptic skies with a Zen fighter pilot in Mack Maloney's rip-roaring Wingman thrillers.


In brainstorming story ideas with his agent, author and radio host Mack Maloney remembers suggesting, “How about a book with Mad Max in an airplane?” And with that, his high-flying Wingman series was born, now with seventeen books and counting.

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The protagonist, Hawk Hunter, who is described by the author as a “genius Zen fighter pilot,” lives in a post–World War III era in which the Earth has been all but destroyed by a nuclear attack, leaving America’s fate and patriotic vengeance in Hawk’s able hands. In this exciting video, Mack Maloney speaks about how growing up during the Cold War inspired his books, and why his series still thrills readers of all ages.

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Courtesy of USAF / Getty

Published on 27 Jan 2015