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Check Out The Lineup's Killer New "Death's Head" Tee

Show the world your creepy side.

lineup original design

Some poor souls feel compelled to hide their love of the eerie and unknown. We here at The Lineup say let your creepy flag fly. That's why we're thrilled to unveil our brand-new tee shirt, inspired by cemetery symbolism and the striking Death's Head icon. 

The Death’s Head was one of the most popular motifs used by gravestone carvers in seventeenth and eighteenth century New England. Preferred by Puritans among other devoutly religious communities, the skull with wings symbolized death and the rebirth of the spirit.

The Puritans did not believe in depicting God, angels, or spirits in human form. So when it came time to decorate the graves of the dearly departed, they had to get a little creative.

Thus, the skull. Death was ever-present at the time; a loved one could pass on at any moment. Yet the Puritans also believed that the afterlife gave all a chance at rebirth. Combining the skull with wings captured the inevitability of death and the promise of life beyond the grave.

Our Death's Head tee joins our Stranger Things-inspired design and our curated collection of creepy wearables at TeePublic. Get a glimpse of the killer new item below, then click through to get your shirt today. It's the perfect way to show the world your creepy side.