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WATCH: Jordan Peele’s Next Film Has a Horrifying New Trailer

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good scare.

Us trailer
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  • Photo Credit: Monkeypaw Productions

In 2017, Get Out scared the living daylights out of audiences around the world. With its sharp insight, impeccable performances, and fresh wit (courtesy of Peele’s days in Key and Peele), the movie thrilled horror fanatics and newbies alike.

So when Peele announced that his next film, Us, would also be a horror movie, we couldn’t wait. And the cast (Lupita N’yongo! Winston Duke! Elisabeth Moss!) did nothing to abate our excitement. Tidbits about Us have slowly started to leak out–the film will be a monster movie, centered around a family headed by N’yongo and Duke’s characters; N’yongo’s character will be suffering from PTSD that increases her paranoia as things start to go south; inspiration for the film came from horror classics like Let the Right One In and The Birds.

But nothing could prepare us for the reality of the trailer, which shows a family vacation gone horribly wrong. When the Wilsons head to the beach for another classic beach week, they get anything but the expected. First, a familiar image to those of us who watched Get Out: a car careening around wooded roads.

That’s only the beginning of the terrors. With a double of each of the four Wilsons stalking there every move, there’s something after the family—and it’s “Us”.

Peele seems posed to make another innocuous item absolutely terrifying: this time, a bunny rabbit. The trailer has us shaking in our boots. Are you ready for the most terrifying thing? Your own insecurities, choices, failures, and the horrors of your past?

Check out the trailer below, and try to withhold your screams.

Us will premiere in theaters on March 15, 2019.

Featured still from 'Us' via Monkeypaw Productions