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Edgar Allan Poe’s Hair-Raising Classics Come to Life with iPoe

The master of the macabre returns from the grave in this immersive app for your smartphone or tablet.


There’s no denying the spine-tingling chill we got when we read our first short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Now iPoe, an interactive and illustrated collection of Poe’s darkest tales, reproduces that terror-ific experience on your smart phone or tablet.

In the third and most recent installment of the app by iClassics, you’ll immerse yourself in the short stories “The Cask of Amontillado” and “The Facts in the Case of Mr. Valdemar,” and the haunting poem “Alone.” As you read each page, Poe’s dark prose comes to life with a soundtrack of original music by Miguel Tejada.


Whimsical illustrations color each page and interactive elements — a frightened Fortunato, a bedridden Mr. Valdemar — are interspersed throughout the story to add to the scare factor. When you reach a page with an illustration, don’t be afraid to touch to find interactive surprises like rising tombstones, hidden words, or more. (Full disclosure: We jumped out of our seat during one surprising reveal.)

The experience goes rather quickly, but there’s also a sketchbook of pencil illustrations by David G. Forés to flip through at the end and the app has a French and Spanish version. If you’re still left wanting more, you can download version one and two for more creepy classics like “The Tell-Tale Heart” and “The Raven.” Oh, the horror.

Ready to experience Poe in a terrifying new light? Download the app from iTunes now. 

All photos courtesy of iClassics