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6 Heart-Pounding Mystery Experiences That Put You at the Center of the Action


Are you a lover of mysteries and true crime, looking to take your sleuthing obsession to the next level?

You’ve come to the right place. From live-action role playing to state-of-the-art smartphone games, immersive mystery experiences are everywhere. Whether you want to hunt down a killer or escape from a murderer’s lair, we’ve got you covered. Here are six interactive and highly addictive mystery experiences, where you’ll find yourself at the center of the action.

1. Survive the Room Experiences

mystery experiences i survived the room
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  • Photo Credit: I Survived the Room

Escape rooms are all the rage these days, and for good reason: they provide thrilling group experiences that are great for team bonding and a night out with your friends. The premise? You and your crew are trapped in a room—the exact reason why you’re trapped varies from location to location. You must now work together to find clues hidden throughout the space if you wish to escape. Oh, and you’ve got to do it in under an hour.

Escape rooms can be found throughout the country, including New York, PhoenixLas Vegas and Los Angeles. Some destinations elevate their storyline to sinister heights—in “I Survived The Room,” in New York, you can choose to be committed to a sanatorium; in “The Basement,” in Los Angeles, you’re trying to escape a demented killer’s clutches. Don’t live near one of these spots? No problem: here’s a comprehensive directory of every escape room on the planet. 

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2. Hunt A Killer

hunt a killer
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  • Photo Credit: Hunt a Killer

Hunt A Killer is a monthly subscription service that presents a complex murder mystery and challenges you to solve it, delivering the pieces to the puzzle directly to your home. Every month, you receive a box chock-full of creepy clues: perplexing photographs and ciphers, lifelike case files on insane asylum patients. Together, these items tell a dark and deadly story. It’s your job to make sense of it all; it’s your job to catch the killer. You can jump into the ongoing mystery at any time, but the number of new subscribers is capped at 500 a month, so get started now.

Click HERE to subscribe to Hunt A Killer today. Use the promo code LINEUP for 10% off your subscription.

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3. Her Story

mystery experiences her story
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  • Photo Credit: Her Story

In this one-of-a-kind video game, the player is given access to seven police interviews from 1994, in which a British woman is questioned about her missing husband. Players can type specific questions into a database to find answers in the footage. Described by The Guardian as “True Detective meets Google,” “Her Story” is a totally immersive gaming experience, as players set out to answer the deceptively simple question of whether or not the woman in the video is guilty. Download it now, on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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4. CrimeCon

crime con
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  • Photo Credit: CrimeCon

For all those looking for an immersive mystery-solving experience—surrounded by hundreds of like-minded folks—CrimeCon is a can’t-miss experience. The first national true crime convention is taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana, this summer. From June 9–11, 2017, fans will hear from such distinguished experts as Nancy Grace, Aphrodite Jones, L. Kirk Nurmi and more.

The weekend will also include an array of immersive events. In “The Accused,” you stand charged with murdering your spouse and must withstand an intense interrogation; In “The Jury,” you join a set of attendees in trying to reach a verdict on a murder case.

Click HERE to register for CrimeCon 2017 today. Use the promo code LINEUP for 20% off your purchase.

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5. The Headlands Gamble

mystery experiences headlands gamble
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  • Photo Credit: The Headlands Gamble

If you’re looking for a mystery experience that’s equal parts intrigue and retreat, then The Headlands Gamble is the trip for you. This fully curated weekend getaway for two in northern California casts you and your partner as detectives in an interactive mystery happening all around you. As per the site, “You’ll drive from location to location in a custom car, meeting characters, unearthing clues, and following leads while experiencing all that Marin County has to offer.” Book your trip now!

6. Sara is Missing

mystery experiences sara is missing
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  • Photo Credit: Sara is Missing

Download this mystery/horror video game and two points become clear: the titular Sara has vanished without a trace, and you are now in possession of her phone. That’s right: downloading this game transforms your phone into Sara’s device—you can scroll through her contacts, inspect her pictures and videos, even send messages to her friends and receive phone calls from mysterious callers. With so much information in the palm of your hand, can you solve the mystery of Sarah’s disappearance? The best part is that “Sarah is Missing”—available on Windows, iOS, and Android—is free. The developer only asks that you make a small contribution if you can. Download it now.

Featured photo via Her Story