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United States of Horror: 50 Scary Movies for Every State

No matter where you live, terror is coming for you.


Turns out that no matter where you live, terror can find you. And it will. Check out these blood-chilling, fear-inducing horror movies by state. Find your home state horror—and then all the others, of course!



Body Snatchers (1993)

horror movie of every state
Look out for the pod people. They’re coming for you and your loved ones! You know, if they haven’t gotten them already …



30 Days Of Night

horror movie of every state

As if endless cold and Sarah Palin weren’t enough, NOW you’re dealing with vampires who never have to hide. Great. Just PEACHY.




best horror movies psycho

Luckily for you, Norman would never hurt a fly. Just skip the shower.



The Town That Dreaded Sundown

horror movie of every state

Hey, did you know this movie was based on a true story? And that they never caught the Phantom Killer? Good luck sleeping tonight, Arkansas.




horror movies

I really struggled between this and Scream but c’mon, that tree. The clown. The TV People! Gotta go with Carol Anne on this one.


The Shining

80s horror movies

You’ve always been the caretaker, Colorado.



The Haunting In Connecticut

horror movie of every state

The title is sort of a slam dunk but it’s also based off a true story I heard from a ghost hunter who helped investigate the case, which is sort of cool. Also SPOOKY SEANCE!



Survival Of The Dead

horror movie of every state

George A. Romero’s horde of zombies takes this state. Best prepare for the apocalypse now, Delaware!



Jeepers Creepers

horror movie of every state

From what I remember, the Creeper only hunts every 23rd spring, so looks like you’re all safe until 2024. Enjoy the 8 years you get to keep your eyes!




horror movie of every state

Before you try to tell me this isn’t a horror movie watch it again, carefully, then tell me you wouldn’t be scared shitless in their position. Go ahead. I’ll wait.



A Perfect Getaway

horror movie of every state

Sure, people are bound to die in horrible ways, but Timothy Olyphant is there and also one of the Hemsworths so at least you’ll enjoy some beauty along the way. Oh, and the views of course.



Idaho Transfer

horror movie of every state

Not gonna lie, never heard of this movie but it seems to be literally the ONLY semi-budgeted horror movie to ever take place there. Sorry, Idaho.




female horror characters

Illinois was nearly a three-way tie between Halloween, Child’s Play, and Candyman but I had to go with the ultimate classic slasher film. Practice your Jamie Lee Curtis screams and maybe you’ll be the Final Girl/Guy one day!



Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

horror movie of every state

Aliens? No thanks. No thanks.



The Crazies

horror movie of every state

Oh hello there again Timothy Olyphant, we seem to keep running into each other. What a sexy coincidence. Anyway, Iowa, you’re looking at realistic zombification without death but heavy on the violence. So like, zombies that can think. Sorry, sounds like you’re screwed.



Dark Places

horror movie of every state

Between this and In Cold Blood, sure seems like families in Kansas are getting mass-murdered a lot. (I’m kidding, I’m sure it’s lovely there.)



Return Of The Living Dead

horror movie of every state

Zombies, drugs, and rock n’ roll! Also a lady gets naked in a cemetery. Kentucky knows how to get down.



The Skeleton Key

horror movie of every state

I’m honestly surprised there aren’t more movies set here to cover the creepy subject of voodoo but that’s the way of it so here you go, Kate Hudson in a bayou.



Pet Sematary

horror movies

Remember, Maine: sometimes, dead is better.



Silence Of The Lambs

horror movie of every state

I could make all sorts of chianti jokes here but let’s get real: the VHS cover for this movie gives me nightmares as a kid. It’s fantastic.



Session 9

smart horror movies

One of the most underrated horror films of our time, in my opinion. “I live in the weak and the wounded … Doc.”



It Follows

it follows best modern horror movies

Be careful who you sleep with, Michigan. Because, well … It follows, I guess.



Jennifer’s Body

final girl

Uh, the advice for Michigan applies here as well.



Straw Dogs

horror movie of every state

Home invasion is one of the most realistic fears, so invest in a good security system and don’t piss off the locals.



You’re Next

new horror movies

See Mississippi. Except, in this case, also invest in some serious survival training.



Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County

horror movie of every state

Sorry, Montana, this is the best I could do. Your very own alien version of The Blair Witch Project! Yay?



Children Of The Corn

horror movie of every state

If you’re over 18 you’re out of luck. But seriously, kids shouldn’t be that hard to kill, right? I mean, not for fun or anything, just if you needed to? Like, if they were being controlled by a corn demon? Okay I’ll stop now.




horror movie of every state

I’ll let the picture speak for itself. With those things underground, you better hope Kevin Bacon is around to save your ass, Nevada.



The Dead Zone

horror movie of every state

The creeping terror of psychopath Greg Stillson (coughDonaldTrumpcough) being elected as POTUS is probably even scarier than Johnny’s dark premonitions of the future.



Friday The 13th

scary movies set in the woods

I’d say you could survive by not getting drunk or having sex but hey, this is New Jersey we’re talking about. Also, that’s no fun. So party hard before Jason (or his mom) takes you out.



The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

horror movie of every state

If you’re out in the desert and you spot the people from the Hills I mean, just, I don’t know. I can’t help you, New Mexico. I’m smart enough to know I wouldn’t survive in these cases, I just provide moral support and the occasional joke.



American Psycho

smart horror movies

Between the gory murders and the inability to get reservations at Dorsia, NYC is a pretty scary place. How many Patrick Batemans are out there as we speak? Who are we kidding, I’ll still vacay there any time I get the chance because BROADWAY!



I Know What You Did Last Summer

horror movie of every state

What did you do last summer? Was it something bad? You’d better hope it wasn’t, North Carolina, or you’re toast.




horror movie of every state

Not even a young, fresh Jennifer Aniston can make me summarize this movie for you other than in a few words: silly as fuck.



A Nightmare On Elm Street

80s horror movies freddy krueger

As much as I’d like to give this spot to Trick ‘R Treat I have to acknowledge the true winner: Wes Craven’s masterpiece that started it all. RIP, Mr. Craven.




horror movie of every state

Go crazy with Ashley Judd or, as is my suggestion, don’t?



The Ward

horror movie of every state

Amber Heard brings it in this solid asylum movie that proves John Carpenter can also still bring it.



The Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

There are probably ghosts everywhere but apparently there are a FUCKTON of ghosts in Pennsylvania, so if you’re clairvoyant, be careful. And definitely don’t go into that weird little room at the top of the stairs.



The Conjuring

cursed movie sets

I should warn you to stay away from obviously haunted houses but I would jump at the chance to own one so instead, why don’t you shoot me an email if you find one, Rhode Island? Let’s be neighbors.




funny horror movies slither

Ew. EW. YUCK. YUUUUUUUUCK. Whatever it is from this movie, please, PLEASE keep it in South Carolina. It’s no offense to South Carolina, I just don’t want it anywhere near me.




horror movie of every state

Sorry, South Dakota, it was either this or a movie from the ’50s I’d never heard of or The Revenant. I mean, the story itself is pretty unnerving (especially since it’s mostly true) but if that doesn’t do it for you just pretend Sissy Spacek is Carrie.



The Evil Dead

horror movie of every state

Spring break gone so, so wrong. And yet, the world was introduced to Bruce Campbell as Ash, so perhaps it’s gone so, so right?



Texas Chain Saw Massacre

horror movie of every state

Let’s step back for a second and acknowledge how absolutely beautiful the title of this franchise is. So simplistic, so pure. Anyway, you can’t trust anyone in Texas, or at least that’s what these films taught me. Sheriff? Evil. Nice ladies in trailer? Evil. All the people at SXSW? Most likely evil.



Carnival Of Souls

horror movie of every state

An oldie but a goodie. I would tell you to be wary of creepy carnival music but if you’re not already then you were never meant to survive a horror movie, Utah.



What Lies Beneath

horror movie of every state

Another standard haunting with a star-studded cast. Maybe all the states just need to invest in a really, REALLY big stash of sage?



Cherry Falls

horror movie of every state

This one puts the standard slasher cliche on its head: the killer only targets virgins. Congratulations, Virginia, you’ve got the most fun way to avoid certain death!



The Ring

horror movie of every state

Stay away from any and all unmarked VHS tapes. You know what? It’s 2016, you have no business picking up VHS tapes of ANY kind. I’m watching you, Washington.



Wrong Turn

horror movie of every state

Movies like this make me terrified to get lost anywhere. And in this one, they’ve got ARROWS! I know it’s a terrible stereotype of the backwoods “monster” but you know, maybe just stick to the main roads.



Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

horror movie of every state

Ahh, yes, the terrifying birth of the FAST zombie. Because that was the only way any of us had a shot to survive the apocalypse, you know—hoping to outrun/outsmart them. Sorry Wisconsin, you seem to be ground zero for this infection. Get to the local mall, stat!



Joy Ride (2004)

horror movie of every state

Caaaaaaandy caaaaaaane. This one’s easy, guys, just don’t mess around with truckers on their CB radios! I mean, I know it’s fun but they’re just doing their jobs. And one of them might murder you. Aww, go ahead, Wyoming, have some fun! I’m sure it doesn’t end in murder EVERY time.



The Exorcist

horror movie of every state

So D.C. isn’t technically a state but I knew I’d get crucified if I left off the scariest movie ever. Our proud capital deserves its own entry! (Even though the original story technically happened in St. Louis but you know, whatever …) I can’t emphasize this enough: avoid Pazuzu and all other forms of demon at all costs. That’s a free tip from me to you.

This story was first published on Creepy Catalog.


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