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The Best Horror Movies to Stream Right Now

Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and kill. From tales of the supernatural to serial killers, these are the horror movies you need to stream tonight.


You’re all settled in for a horror movie night when the truly terrifying occurs to you: first, you must play the endless, soul-sucking game of What Should We Watch?

Not anymore. We’re here to help you find that perfect freaky flick. Below are the best horror movies you can stream on your computer or TV right now. We’ll continually update the list, so you’ll never be without the perfect recommendation.

So: dim the lights, double-lock the doors, and get streaming.

Updated 3/8/17

The Loved Ones

female horror villains
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A disturbed teenage girl kidnaps and tortures the boy who rejected her prom invitation in this brutal Australian horror flick.

When Brent turns down Lola’s invitation to the school dance in favor of going with his girlfriend Holly, she takes it personally. Very personally. After being attacked, Brent wakes up to find himself held captive in Lola’s home. Lola and ‘Daddy,’ her violent father figure, are determined to give Lola the dance — and the fairy tale ending — she deserves. And as Brent soon realizes, he’s not the first object of Lola’s affections to wind up becoming her tortured plaything.

The Woman


An abusive sadist masquerading as a family man kidnaps a feral woman and confines her to his basement in this sequel to 2009’s cannibal horror flick Offspring.

While out hunting, father Chris find ‘the Woman’ — the sole survivor of a cannibalistic clan— in the woods. He knocks her unconscious and brings her home, telling his family that they’re to help assimilate her back into society.

It soon becomes clear that Chris and his family are barbarians in their own right — violent, sexually brutal, and sadistic. The Woman must rely on her most ferocious instincts to fight back against the men of the family, and to find allies where she can within Chris’ deeply dysfunctional home.

The Taking of Deborah Logan


A group of students making a documentary about a woman with dementia begin to suspect something truly evil may be afoot.

Sarah and her mother Deborah agree to be featured in the documentary in order to raise the money to keep their home. But house repossession might not be the only possession the Logans need to worry about. As the documentary progresses, the crew film Deborah exhibiting increasingly inexplicable and disturbing behavior, including speaking in French about human sacrifice.

As the camera crew discover increasingly clear connections between Deborah’s behavior and Henry Desjardins, a local doctor who disappeared after the Satanic ritual murder of local girls, their documentary subject becomes more dangerous than ever.


horror movies pontypool
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  • Photo Credit: IFC Films

In this Canadian zombie flick, radio station employees attempt to survive a plague that travels through words, turning its victims into frenzied, flesh-devouring maniacs.

A shock jock in the tiny Ontario town of Pontypool, Grant Mazzy is alarmed one morning on his way to work when a deranged woman throws himself onto his car and begins to repeat the word ‘blood’ over and over. Grant continues on into work, but soon finds that the world outside the radio station is going to hell. As a riot erupts and a wave of carnage threatens to break into the station, Grant and his co-workers must find the antidote to a virus that travels inside words themselves.


excision horror movies

A disturbed high school student dreams of becoming a surgeon, to disastrous and bloody ends.

Pauline has an erotic fixation with blood, but she aspires to become a surgeon and use that obsession to heal (and to earn the approval of her exacting mother). She also hopes to find some way to help her younger sister, a cystic fibrosis patient in desperate need of a lung transplant. But as Pauline’s sexuality and her relationship with her peers and family come to a horrible climax, her good intentions will have truly macabre results.


afflicted horror movies

Friends Clif and Derek are in the midst of traveling the world when one contracts a bizarre and horrifying illness.

Terminally ill Derek and his friend Clif have been traveling the world together knocking items off Derek’s bucket list. But after a one-night-stand goes horribly wrong, Derek begins to develop a list of horrific symptoms that have nothing to do with his condition. Derek is suddenly prone to fits of violence and extreme strength, avoidant of sunlight, and unable to keep down food, leaving Clif to wonder if his suspicions about his friend’s mysterious new illness could possibly be correct.

Wake Wood

horror movies wake wood

After a little girl is killed by a dog, her parents are given the chance to bring her back from the dead for three days in this supernatural horror.

After young Alice is mauled to death by a german shepherd at her father’s veterinary practice, her parents move to the small, rural town of Wakewood to try and escape some of the memories of their only child’s death. But they soon realize that Wakewood may not be the sleepy town they believed.

After stumbling on a pagan rite, they learn that it’s possible to resurrect the dead, as long as they have not been deceased for longer than a year. The two agree to do anything to see Alice again — but the ritual comes with extreme punishments for those who don’t obey its demands.

We Are Still Here

we are still here horror movies

A grieving couple moves into a new home to restart their life, only to find that their house harbors a dark and horrifying secret.

After the accidental death of their young son Bobby, Anne and Paul relocate to New England, hoping a change of location will lift some of their depression.

Unfortunately, the old house they move into comes with a loaded history of its own. Anne insists that she keeps seeing Bobby within the house; and their neighbors soon warn them to leave. Anne and Paul’s new home comes with an evil buried deep within it — one that needs to feed every 30 years.


horror movies martyrs

A woman and her childhood friend set out for revenge after being held captive and tortured for years.

In this controversial French-Canadian film, young women named Josie and Anna bond in an orphanage that Anna is sent to after escaping from an abandoned slaughterhouse where she was held prisoner and abused for years.

When they reach adulthood, Josie sets out to exact revenge on her childhood torturers, a seemingly wholesome family. Although Anna is deeply loyal to her friend, she’s totally unprepared for the violence and suffering that lies on their road to revenge.


horror movies baskin

This piece of Turkish horror surrealism follows five police officers who respond to a distress call, only to find they unwittingly wandered into Hell.


best horror directors
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  • Photo Credit: International Classics

Prepare for the 2017 remake of Suspiria by watching Dario Argento’s original giallo masterpiece. Ballerina Suzy arrives at a dance school in Germany, only to realize it’s a front for a coven of witches.


evolution horror movies

This haunting film centers on a young boy trying to uncover the mysteries of his eerie island village.

Nicolas, a sickly child who lives alone by the ocean with his mother, believes he sees the corpse of a boy with a starfish at its waist floating in the ocean. His mother dives in to investigate, returning with just a starfish and saying that Nicholas must have imagined the body.

But later on, we see the mothers diving in to retrieve a corpse. As time passes, Nicholas begins to see that the mothers of the island are lying to him and the other children. But they may not have uncovered their deception in time.


horror movies darling

A young woman descends into blood-soaked madness when she becomes the caretaker of an old New York City home.

Left to watch the home by an older woman simply referred to as ‘Madame,’ Darling begins to experience disorienting visions and phenomena. Increasingly unhinged, she leaves the house to visit a local bar, where a man she shares drinks with warns her that the home was once used in an attempt to summon the devil.

As Darling falls more deeply under the thrall of the house, the movie barrels forward to a violent and disturbing conclusion.

The Monster

the monster horror movies

Mother and daughter must contend with an unknown, malevolent force while trapped in their broken-down vehicle.

Alcoholic Kathy is driving her daughter Lizzy to Lizzy’s father’s house, as it is his custody night. Tired of dealing with her irresponsible mother, Lizzy announces that she would like to go live with her father permanently. In the middle of a tense argument, Kathy accidentally strikes a wolf with her car. But the wolf was taken down by something much, much bigger — something that is still out there in the forest, stalking Kathy and Lizzy in the dark.


horror movies spring
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  • Photo Credit: XYZ Films

Spring, a romance/body-horror flick unlike anything you’ve seen before, flew largely under the radar when it was released in 2014. Evan and Louise’s relationship is lovely, moving—and utterly terrifying.

Evan moves to Italy to escape family heartbreak back at home, and soon falls for and sleeps with Louise. As the two becomes closer, she reveals to him that, like many other women in the town, she has a distinctive skin condition that makes her eyes appear to be different colors. But Louise’s unusual physical traits don’t stop there. Evan soon learns he has fallen for a woman unlike anyone he — or anyone else — has ever seen before.


clown horror movies

You won’t want to miss this gruesome, Eli Roth-produced chiller about a family man who becomes trapped inside a killer-clown suit.

When the clown he hired for his son’s birthday party fails to appear, Kent dons a clown suit he finds in the basement of one of his property listings and plays the role himself. But the next morning, the suit won’t come off, and before long, Kent finds himself consumed by insatiable appetites. Desperate to understand his grotesque metamorphosis, he seeks out the former residents of the property where he discovered the suit.


creepy horror movies
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  • Photo Credit: Telewizja Polska

In this Polish horror flick, a groom is possessed by a demon in the middle of his own wedding ceremony.

The final feature by late director Marcin Wrona, Demon follows Piotr, who returns home to Poland from England to marry a woman he met over the internet. On the night of the ceremony, he is possessed by the ghost of a mysterious woman in a white dress, but the bride’s family is determined to hide the groom’s descent into madness.

You Are Not Alone

horror movies you are not alone

Check out this first-person POV slasher, in which a young woman is stalked by a deranged killer as she visits her hometown.

Told through found footage, the movie follows Natalie, a college girl who returns home to celebrate 4th of July. But her and her friends’ revelry is subdued; there’s a killer on the loose, and the town is under a curfew. After drinking, Natalie accidentally leaves the door to her house unlocked — and when she awakes, she realizes she’s become the prey of a ruthless hunter.


horror movies misery

How do we love thee, Kathy Bates? Let us count the ways. Revisit the movie that made Bates as a horror icon as the sociopathic Annie Wilkes, in this 1990 adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery.

Paul Sheldon, author of the beloved Misery Chastain novels, has a disastrous car wreck while driving during a blizzard. He’s rescued by Annie Wilkes, a nurse and ardent fan of Misery Chastain. But Annie, and her love for Paul’s work, aren’t as innocuous as they first seem.

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horror movies Antiviral

This body horror flick, about a futuristic company that harvests viruses from celebrities and then injects the infections into rabid fans, comes from the spawn of David Cronenberg: it’s directed by his son, Brandon.

The Others

horror movies the others

Inspired by Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw, this gothic horror, starring Nicole Kidman, is a chilling, ghost-ridden thrill ride.

Set soon after World War II, the movie follows Grace, a devout mother who lives in a remote location with her two children, Anne and Nicholas. Because the children are photosensitive, they must be protected from sunlight at all costs, so their estate is kept shrouded in darkness. Grace hires three new servants to help care for the country house, and soon strange occurrences begin to convince her that someone or something unseen is lurking inside her home.

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horror movies vhs

This deeply disturbing anthology of found-footage horror shorts will ensure many a sleepless night.

Featuring shorts directed by Ti West, Joe Swanberg, Adam Wingard, and other big names in horror, VHS explores everything from demonic possession to alien abduction to home invasion. No matter what your horror fancy, you’re sure to find something to chill you here.

They Look Like People

best horror movies 2016 they look like people

A man is convinced that demonic forces will soon consume humanity, and begins preparing for the apocalypse. Is he crazy, or the only one who knows the truth?

Longtime friends Wyatt and Christian reunite in New York City, and soon move in together. Both of them are recovering from lost loves, and go on a double date with a woman Christian knows through work and one of her friends. Soon afterwards, Wyatt becomes convinced that a demonic apocalypse is coming and that the two must stockpile in preparation for the end. Internally divided, Wyatt wonders if the visions he’s having could be psychosis. But demonic forces prevent him from even fully seeking professional help, and the world as he knows it is unraveling around him.

Goodnight Mommy

horror movies goodnight mommy
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  • Photo Credit: Ulrich Seidl Film Produktion GmbH

This Austrian chiller will introduce you to arguably the creepiest set of twins since the girls from The Shining. Is Lukas and Elias’ mom really an imposter, as they believe? Or is something even more sinister at play?

Filled with beautifully shot body horror, Goodnight Mommy will change the way you look at plastic surgery and the French countryside. Prepare for a tense, emotional ride — this is one movie that never lets up.

The Devil’s Rejects

horror movies the devil's rejects

Follow the exploits of the sadistic, serial-killing Firefly clan, in this 2005 sequel to Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses.

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The Eyes of My Mother

the eyes of my mother horror movies

This incredibly gruesome and critically polarizing piece about a disturbed young woman is not for the weak of stomach.

As a young child, Francisca witnesses the brutal murder and mutilation of her mother, a former surgeon who had taught Francisca how to remove eyeballs from farm animals. Following her mother’s murder, Francisca copes in a deeply disturbed way — discovering the ‘intoxicating’ power of murder for herself.

The Witch

horror movies the witch

If you have not yet seen the most-hyped horror movie of 2016: what have you been doing? If you have, revisit Black Philip et al, in one of the most beautiful and terrifying flicks in recent memory.

Set in 17th century New England, this meticulously crafted period horror film follows a family who are cast out of their Puritan settlement and must eke out a life in a secluded, forested area. When the family’s baby mysteriously vanishes — presumably carried off into the woods— the family gradually begins to turn on each other. As the family becomes more convinced that a witch is responsible for their torment, suspicions turn on Thomasin, the family’s eldest daughter.

Cold Fish

cold fish horror movie

In this Japanese serial killer-horror, the owner of a tropical fish shop in Tokyo finds his life slowly being taken over by a murderous fellow fish shop owner.

To make things even more chilling, the movie was inspired by the real-life crimes of rare dog breeder Gen Sekine and his wife, pet show owner Hiroko Kazama.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

horror movies the texas chainsaw massacre

The horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre continues to shock and terrify audiences. Spend some quality time with Leatherface and his family.

The Neon Demon

the neon demon horror movies

Hollywood can be a bloody tough place if you’re trying to make it as a model, as Jesse learns the hard way. You won’t want to miss Demon’s utterly unique visuals.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

the autopsy of jane doe horror movies
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  • Photo Credit: IFC Films

Father and son coroners enter a world of evil as they try to determine the identity of a mysterious corpse, found at a baffling crime scene where it appeared the victims were endeavoring to escape from the inside.

As strange events begin to happen at the morgue, the two find baffling contradictions in the state of the body. With a huge storm blowing into town, the father and son pair become trapped in an increasingly hellish situation.

Train to Busan

horror movies train to busan

Train passengers struggle to survive a zombie-virus outbreak in this Korean horror-thriller.

As consolation for missing her singing recital, workaholic Seok-woo agrees to take his young daughter Soo-an via train to visit his ex-wife in Busan. But when an injured woman goes berserk and begins biting the other passengers, it becomes clear that something is terribly wrong. The world off and on the train is hurtling into chaos, and Seok-woo is the only thing that stands between his daughter and the chaos. A perfectly paced, surprisingly emotional story, Train to Busan is a must-watch for zombie fans.

Feature Photo: Tertia van Rensburg / Unsplash