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21 Killer Horror Movie Posters

A truly great horror movie poster is worth a thousand screams—and a place in our nightmares.

When it comes to great horror movie posters, we’re looking for those that not only make us shudder—but tell a story. And while Hollywood has treated us to more than a few graphic art duds, it also served up some nightmare-inducing works of art. Prepare to have your imaginations scarred.

Rosemary's Baby 

Rosemary's Baby Poster
  • Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Once upon a time, Roman Polanski made a demonic fairytale about a pregnant Manhattanite who gives birth to Satan’s spawn.


  • Photo Credit: International Classics

Master of horror Dario Argento choreographs a barre-raising, ballet horror showcasing a coven of witches—and pools of blood.


Halloween Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Compass International Pictures

A trick and a treat, John Carpenter’s 1970s classic belongs to a homicidal killer who prefers carving up horny teenagers to oversize squashes.

Alice, Sweet Alice 

Alice, Sweet Alice
  • Photo Credit: Allied Artists Pictures

Sibling rivalry causes one 12-year-old to hide behind a yellow slicker and a cherub mask then take a knife to her enemies. Or does it?

Hostel: Part II

Hostel: Part II
  • Photo Credit: Lionsgate

A vacay abroad turns deadly for three American female college students in the second chapter of Eli Roth’s body hacking saga.


Jaws Poster
  • Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Steven Spielberg’s classic maritime thriller focuses on a great white man-eater who turns the beachgoers of a quaint island community his chum. Don’t go in the water.


Antichrist Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: IFC Films

A grieving couple seeks solace in a desolate cabin. Soon thereafter, they go to town on each other with a rusty pair of scissors in Lars von Trier’s experimental horror film.


Sinister Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Summit Entertainment

True crime writer Ellison Oswalt and his family become the next victims of the very serial killer he’s researching for his latest book.


Re-Animator Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Empire Pictures

A med student plays God with deceased critters then moves on to subjects of a different nature.


Teeth Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Roadside Attractions

For Dawn O’Keefe, a stranger in her own maturing body, puberty bites.

April Fool's Day 

April Fool's Day Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Privileged college kids head to a lakeside mansion to live and die in an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Easy to Kill.

The Evil Dead 

The Evil Dead Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Renaissance Pictures

Three things every Sam Raimi fan knows: Don’t go in the woods. Don’t go in the basement. And don’t f*ck with the Necronomicon.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

Everything is messier in Texas when a cannibal gang releases its disfigured skin-draped ogre on a squad of teenagers in Tobe Hooper’s 1970s cult classic.


Saw Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Lionsgate Films

James Wan’s chilling debut about a maniac who plays a sick game with society’s sinners poses a grisly philosophical question: What would you saw off to live?


Torso Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Anchor Bay Entertainment

Perugia coeds head to a country villa to escape a campus killer who’s taking lives with a fancy scarf.

A Tale of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two Sisters Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: B.O.M. Film Productions Co.

Scraped knees are nothing for a pair of Korean siblings who exit the mental hospital and enter their worst bloody nightmare.

Chopping Mall 

Chopping Mall Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Trinity Pictures

Mom, we’re going to the mall to get our heads blown off by a trio of psychotic robotic security guards. Don’t wait up.


House Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Janus Films

Floating heads, sinister felines, and supernatural scares … they’re what makes writer/director Nobuhiko Obayashi’s bonkers horror house a home—and a midnight movie classic.

The Descent 

The Descent Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Lions Gate Films

Neil Marshall pits a crew of female spelunkers against a breed of slimy, albino cave dwellers in this claustrophobic horror.


Slither Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

The Blob meets Night of the Living Dead in this genre-bender about locals being invaded by a slew of wriggly slug-like aliens.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Poster
  • Photo Credit: New Line Cinema

Only one thing can save Wes Craven’s sleep-deprived teens from the blistered, finger-bladed stalker who haunts your dreams: caffeine.


Published on 10 Feb 2016

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