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The Story of the Golden State Killer Is Just Beginning…

Man in the Window, a gripping new true crime podcast from Wondery, tracks the Golden State Killer’s crime spree through his victims’ eyes.

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On April 24, 2018, authorities in California announced a major breakthrough in the Golden State Killer cold case. A 72-year-old former cop named Joseph James DeAngelo was under arrest—and based on DNA evidence, investigators strongly believed that he was the Golden State Killer. 

Jubilation swept through the true crime community. Whether it was a sense of justice for the victims or the sheer surprise of witnessing a cold case crack open 30+ years after the killer last struck, the arrest felt big—like the climactic end to a long-running narrative.

But now, thanks to a riveting new podcast from Wondery and the L.A. Times, it’s clear just how much more there is to learn about the Golden State Killer case. Man in the Window is a six-part series hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Paige St. John. It examines the untold origins of the Golden State Killer, the decades-long hunt to bring him down, and why his rampage lasted for so long. 

The podcast series is unique in that it prioritizes the voices of those who were victimized by the Golden State Killer's spree of violence, tracking the case through their harrowing experiences and survivor stories. The last time Wondery and the L.A. Times teamed up for a true crime podcast, the result was the smash-hit Dirty John. Man in the Window is just as gripping.

The first episode of Man in the Window introduces you to Bonnie Colwell. Many years ago, Bonnie was set to marry Joseph DeAngelo, but she broke off the engagement. The breakup angered DeAngelo. Then, a few weeks later, Bonnie was asleep in bed when she awoke to a tap on the window. She pulled back the curtain. On the other side of the glass stood DeAngelo, pointing a gun at her. 

It's a chilling introduction to the man who would later be accused of being the Golden State Killer, and an excellent example of St. John's approach to the podcast. Man in the Window seeks out the human side of this notorious true crime case, tracing the Golden State Killer's crimes through the victims' eyes.  

As the Golden State Killer continued his crime spree, he escalated from burglary to rape to torture and murder. Although he killed as many as 13, another 50 or so young women—some just teenagers—were raped but left alive. One such survivor speaks out in the deeply compelling second episode. Assaulted on the night of June 18, 1976, she is the first known victim of the man who was then referred to as the East Area Rapist. The trauma she describes is horrific. Yet it's her fight to survive and refusal to let the attack define her life—"I didn't do anything wrong," she says, "why should I be ashamed?"—that sticks with you long after the episode ends.  

This is merely a glimpse of the haunting narratives and revelations you’ll encounter in this gripping new true crime podcast. It's one of our favorites and we're sure it will be one of yours. The first three episodes of Man in the Window are currently available for download. Click below to listen now and subscribe to the series to get all six episodes delivered straight to your phone.

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