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[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: Dark Masterpiece The Room, by Hubert Selby

Enter for a chance to win a terrifying book that places you in the mind of a disturbed killer.

You know a book is off-the-charts disturbing when its own author can't stomach reading it.

This happened to Hubert Selby, Jr., who refused to read his New York Times-reviewed book The Room after it was published in 1971. He finally picked up a copy decades later, but the book remains incredibly dark and twisted, as it follows the mind of a depraved criminal, who has been locked up in prison.

His mind is a prison in and of itself, as he contemplates his crimes and circles around debased revenge fantasies that would sicken even the most calloused horror reader.

The Lineup is giving away 5 ebook copies of Hubert Selby's masterpiece The Room when you sign up for our newsletter below. Enter now for a chance to win!

For full details, see official rules.

Note: The sweepstakes is open to all legal residents of the 50 United States and Washington, DC who are 18 years of age and older by November 6, 2017.

Created on 06 Nov 2017

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