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Get Messy This Fourth of July with Movies That Go Boom

Who needs another Fourth of July fireworks display when you can screen these explosive scenes of bursting heads from your favorite gory films?


Sure, the Fourth of July is synonymous with grilling, lazing, and beaching – all in the name of independence. But with patriotic revelry come inevitable drunken hordes, gridlock traffic, and dysfunctional family drama. Honestly, it’s enough to make your head explode.

So when it all becomes too much (and it will), stay in and celebrate with us. Here at The Lineup, no party is complete without getting a little messy. So we’ve put together one helluva a party, complete with shot blocks, party fouls, fireworks, and, of course, movies that feature unlucky boys and girls getting their heads blown to bloody bits. It’s a bang-up good time.

Carpool Party Foul
Pulp Fiction: “I Shot Marvin in the Face” Scene

Can’t show up to a party alone, right? So make like Vincent and Jules: Designate a driver, pick up your boy, and hit the road. But if someone’s packin’, be a good pal and make sure the safety’s on. It’s all fun and games ‘til someone gets shot in the face.

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Set Up the Ultimate Shot Block
Saw IV: “On Thin Ice” Ice Block Scene

“Shots shots shots shots shots shots – everybody!” No more. The next time someone starts chanting the risky words of Lil Jon, threaten to fix him up like Donnie Wahlberg in the fourth Saw. The result? A pulverized noggin resembling what we imagine regurgitated Jell-O shots to look like.

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Every Conversation Hog Has His Day
Seven Psychopaths: “Shootout in the Cemetery” Scene

Every get-together has its conversational narcissist. He can take the form of your camo-clad uncle spewing outrageous stories between sloppy spits of tobacco – or he can be a psycho dressed in a blanket and an animal beanie, like Sam Rockwell in Seven Psychopaths. Watch as Rockwell reimagines a grisly graveyard shootout, complete with a head explosion by way of shotgun.

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It’s Not a Party Until the Cops Show Up
Rubber: “Cop Explosion” Scene

If you don’t experience that booming knock on the door during your throw-down this Fourth, then you’re doing it wrong. Police and parties go together like Red Bull and vodka. That said, you probably shouldn’t handle your inevitable visit from the fuzz like this sinister tire who telepathically blows things up.

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Sit Back and Watch the Fireworks
Kingsman: The Secret Service: “Fireworks from Human Heads” Scene

The holiday just would not be complete without some pyro exercising his right to light up the American sky. And director Matthew Vaughn knows it. Perhaps the best cinematic display of explosive patriotism yet (aside from a cigar-gnawing Will Smith in Independence Day), this scene set to “Pomp and Circumstance” gives new meaning to “let their colors burst.”

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Forget the Grill, Fire Up the Microwave
The Last House on the Left: “The Microwave” Scene

Some people just don’t know when to quit. Party’s over, but you’ve still got a few wobbly stragglers draining the dregs of the keg. This scene shows you what to do with those leftover loiterers. Spoiler alert: Things get extra saucy.

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Glimpsing Tomorrow’s Massive Headache/Hangover
Scanners: “The Scanning Demonstration” Scene

Though God sheds his grace on thee, the higher power that is David Cronenberg makes us giddy – and then woozy – like one too many drinks at a summer party. This stomach-turning clip from the patron saint of strange cinema shares the same giddy-to-woozy formula: Too much fun can result in nose bleeds, headaches, stomach cramps, and exploding noggins. But, hey, that’s how you know it was good night, right?


Still from "Scanners" via Victor Solnicki Productions