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When Outlaws Become Inlaws

Find a new claim to fame by uncovering black sheep in your family tree.


Over the years, pick-up lines have progressed from “Come here often?” to “I think something’s wrong with my cell phone … because your number’s not in it.”

One we haven’t heard before: “You must be a long-lost relative of Jesse James … because you just shot me straight in the heart.”

So when we spotted an email blast from Ancestry.com about finding black sheep in family trees, we couldn’t help but click. Their tips range from searching through family members’ maiden names and middle names for well-known monikers to digging deeper into connections from famous outlaw outposts – like the Wild West and Australia, especially if great-grandad hails from the U.K.

Take a look at all their tips in this research guide – and cross your fingers that you’ve got some gnarly branches to uncover (knock on wood).

Courtesy of Ancestry.com