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Fall River True-Crime Story of "Satanic Panic" Coming to Epix

The upcoming docuseries dives into the string of murders and the investigation that followed.

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Centered on the mysterious murder of three women, Fall River revisits the so-called "satanic panic" in Fall River, Massachusetts in the 1980s. At the time, the police investigating the string of murders deemed the killings to be part of a human sacrifice ritual practiced by a cult. The police arrested Carl Drew, who was thought to be the cult leader.

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But nagging questions about the crimes remained. Over the years even, Paul Carey, the lead investigator on the case, had doubts about details that didn’t add up. Unable to shake his concerns, Carey began looking into the case again following his retirement. The sensational stories of the time were further called into question when new evidence appeared.  

After more than four decades, Fall River reexamines the case and the paranoia that surrounded it. Pulling together interviews with Carl Drew, witness accounts, and crucial evidence, the series looks to uncover what really happened more than 40 years ago. Focusing on the victims, Fall River aims to offer a voice to the three women who were killed.   

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The four-part documentary series from Blumhouse Television will launch on Epix May 16. It was directed by James Buddy Day, who also served as an executive producer, along with Jason Blum, Jeremy Gold, Mary Lisio, Michael Wright, and Jill Burkhart. 

In a statement, Michael Wright, who is also the president of Epix explained that “this series uncompromisingly seeks justice for the vulnerable, who fell victim to their dangerous surroundings, and closure to those that have gone for so many years without it.”

Watch the teaser trailer for the new docuseries below. 

Featured still from 'Fall River' via Blumhouse Television.

[Via: Deadline.com]