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Edward Gorey’s Neglected Murderesses to be Adapted into an AMC Series

It is the first of Gorey’s work to be adapted.

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Norman Reedus, famous for his role on The Walking Dead, will develop the work of the legendary illustrator Edward Gorey. Gorey's darkly funny book Neglected Murderesses will serve as the basis for a series Reedus plans to bring to AMC.

The grim series centers on a dozen women, each of whom use a creative flair and a sense of resourcefulness when killing off an unfortunate victim. With stories set at the turn of the twentieth century, these clever women employ all sorts of tactics in their killings, from concocting poisons, to making opportunistic use of precarious cliffs.

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  • Edward Gorey. 

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With its dark humor and style, Neglected Murderesses resembles much of Gorey’s work. He was well known for his macabre writings and illustrations, often set in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. 

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During his career, Gorey created more than 100 of his own works, while also exploring and contributing to theatrical productions, set designs, and television animations. An eccentric mind, Gorey’s works often strayed into new territory. He experimented and delved into unconventional formats, like pop-ups and miniatures, with his more traditional work setting the stage for graphic novels. 

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Despite its lasting legacy, that has influenced the likes of Tim Burton and Lemony Snicket, Gorey’s work has never been adapted before. Neglected Murderesses will be the first of his books to be developed. The project has already been years in the making, as Norman Reedus has long been pursuing the rights from the Edward Gorey Estate to move forward with the adaptation. 

edward goreys neglected murderesses to be amc series norman reedus
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  • Noman Reedus. 

    Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The live-action series will be developed by Reedus’ production company Big Bald Head, and will be executive produced by JoAnne Colona and Amanda Verdon, along with Reedus. 

The news of the adaptation comes on what would have been Gorey's 96th birthday and marks a milestone for the late writer and illustrator, who has a sizable body of unique and innovative works.