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6 Demonic Possession Movies and Shows You Can Stream Now

We’ve got the cruci-fix to your demonic cravings right here.

Demons: They’re hotter than hell right now. On both big and small screens, sinister forces are infecting hapless souls who soon need a priest and gallons of holy water.

Personally, we couldn’t be more excited, especially after screening the upcoming series Outcast. Cinemax is currently streaming the pilot for free until the series premiers on Friday, June 3 at 10 p.m. This devilish morsel led us on a hunt for more unholy horror movies available for immediate consumption. From the devilry lurking in rural West Virginia to the granddaddy of all exorcism movies, we’ve got the cruci-fix for your demonic cravings right here.

So go ahead; get your movie night started. And may the lord be with you.

1. Outcast

demonic possession movies

Loner Kyle Barnes has been plagued by sinister forces his entire life. When he finally returns home, Kyle must reckon with his own troubled past and the darkness that lurks in his West Virginia community.

Starring Gone Girl’s Patrick Fugit, the show is stacked with talent on both sides of the camera: indie darling Kate Lyn Sheil costars, genre trailblazer Adam Wingard directs, and Oscar winner Atticus Ross spins the score.


2. The Enfield Haunting

demonic possession movies

Based on the infamous 1970s London poltergeist that terrorized the Hodgson family from Enfield, specifically their 11-year-old daughter, this BBC original series delivers some fantastic chills. Plus, in true British fashion of not beating a dead horse, the series tops out at three episodes.

3. The Exorcist

demonic possession movies

You can’t talk about demons without the ultimate pulse-racer, amiright? About a girl whose soul playmate is a demon named Pazuzu, William Friedkin’s retelling of William Peter Blatty’s novel still disturbs—as does the projectile vomit.


4. The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

demonic possession movies

Here’s one you may have missed unless you’re a YouTuber who disappears down digital rabbit holes for hours on end. This streaming gem has been described as Buffy meets Veronica Mars. Paige McKenzie plays Sunshine, a teen from the Pacific Northwest trying to solve the evil mysteries plaguing her home … and her mom.

5. 1408

demonic possession movies

Critics consider 1408 one of the better adaptations of a Stephen King work. And it is. Perhaps because John Cusack delivers a pitch-perfect performance as the mercurial Mike Enslin, a horror author and disillusioned paranormal investigator whose fruitless research has turned him into a skeptic. That is, until he checks in to the Dolphin Hotel—and confronts the demons that possess room 1408.


6. The Taking of Deborah Logan

demonic possession movies

A mishmash of found footage, mockumentary, and occult thriller? Trust us, this is one of the better surprises of 2014. It begins with a naïve film crew interviewing a woman about her Alzheimer’s disease and ends with a jaw-dropping deliver-us-from-evil moment you do not want to miss.

Still from "Outcast" via Cinemax; Still from "Outcast" via Cinemax; Still from "Enfield Haunting" via Eleven; Still from "The Exorcist" via Warner Bros.; Promotional Poster for "The Haunting of Sunshine Girl" via Coat Tale Productions; Still from "1408" via Dimension Films; Still from "The Taking of Deborah Logan" via Casadelic Pictures

Published on 23 May 2016

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