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These Horrifying Shorts from Crypt TV Will Leave You Shivering with Fear

Get your nightly dose of terror.

crypttv horror shorts
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  • Photo Credit: CryptTV

Crypt TV has been quietly revolutionizing horror shorts online. Regularly releasing multiple new shorts each week, the channel will leave any horror lover completely satisfied—and terrified.

CEO Jack Davis co-founded Crypt TV alongside horror master Eli Roth and with support from Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions. Davis was inspired to create the platform after realizing that there was no brand making scary social or mobile stories, despite the many, many potential fans. When asked why he found short horror so enticing, he told us: “Scary isn't a genre to me, it's an emotion. What is it about short horror that keeps us glued to our seats? Whether we want to admit it or not, we all love to be scared. The feeling is both incredibly humanizing and completely universal.” 

The Crypt TV shorts all tap into our greatest fears, from being abandoned by the ones you love to killer clowns and dentists. Davis also says “The best scary stories and the best monsters change culture forever." One look at the blood-soaked Giggles the Clown or the eyeless, grinning nightmare the Look-See and it's clear Crypt TV aims to leave a permanent impression on every viewer's brain. Some of Crypt TV’s shorts certainly changed us forever—for instance, we're now far more likely to check every single closet for creepy creatures before hitting the lights.

These six shorts are some of our favorite, most terrifying offerings from Crypt TV. Whether standalone shorts or the beginning of a series, these clips left us quivering in our boots. Fair warning: This ghoulishly gory shorts may not be safe for work.

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The Look-See, Part I

First in a series, The Look-See is utterly terrifying. The fourth installment dropped on February 20, but you should definitely start with the first for full-scare effects.

One Please

One Please is the perfect example of what makes Crypt TV’s horror shorts so good. This gorgeously made, six minute short never goes quite where you expect it.

Skin Deep

This creepy claymation left our skin crawling. When CryptTV goes outside the box, it results in some truly stunning, horrifying shorts.

Things That Go Bump

You’ll be shocked once again with this killer short. When a young woman moves into a new house, her mother is worried about whether she’ll be safe all alone. She was certainly right to worry…


Hospices are an inherently creepy place. When a newbie hospice worker sees a man die in a rather terrifying way, she doesn’t anticipate what will come back to haunt her. This often-explored arena becomes completely terrifying thanks to some stellar execution.

Slash in the Box

Look, if you know anything about horror, you know that bringing home a strange, antique object is never a good idea. Unfortunately, the man in this short does not realize just what he’s bringing home to his wife.

Feature still from 'The Look-See' via CryptTV.