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Criminal Case: Truly Addictive Virtual Sleuthing

Get your detective fix from the comfort of your couch with this wildly popular crime-solving puzzle game.


If you’re at all like us, you view every TV crime drama as yet another opportunity to unleash your inner sleuth. You might even fancy yourself a superior investigator to those not-so-true detectives of the small screen. Yellow King, eh? Step aside, Marty; I got this one.

Of course, all it takes is one disturbingly brutal crime scene to realize our nerves (and stomachs) could never handle actual police work. Thank the mystery gods, then, for Criminal Case, the wildly popular and utterly addictive crime-solving puzzle game for Facebook and iOS.

In Criminal Case, you play a new recruit of the Grimsborough police force tasked with solving murders across the city. The first is fairly simple – a woman is found dead at the entrance to town – and operates as a tutorial to gameplay.

After that, the cases grow increasingly more complex – and way more horrific:

criminal case
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  • Photo Credit: Criminal Case Wikia

Investigations are split into stages, advancing the storyline scene by scene. CC is a hidden object game and you’re primarily hunting for clues at different grisly locations. The quicker you uncover these clues, the more stars you earn, which can then be used to unlock secret levels or acquire a police dog (!).

Each investigation culminates with a suspect lineup. Using the clues in your case file, as well as autopsy results and details obtained from interactive interrogation sequences, you must put the right culprit behind bars. Successfully nab the killer and you’re on to the next crime scene.

CC boasts over 10 million monthly users and repeatedly tops Facebook’s most wanted list; in 2013, it beat out Candy Crush Saga for FB’s “Game of the Year.” The virtual puzzler even allows you to partner up with fellow players and hunt killers together, good cop/bad cop –style.

So get your detective fix from the comfort of your couch. Who wants to dust a corpse for fingerprints in the pouring rain, anyway?

Download Criminal Case via iTunes today.

Courtesy of Criminal Case Wikia