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Weekly Blotter: NYC Smoke Bomb Attack

Killer nurse nabbed in Italy, MDMA marathon man flees police, and new footage from the bizarre West Village smoke bomb attack.


Goodbye, Nurse

Italian police arrested a 42-year-old nurse whom they suspect of murdering up to 38 of her patients while on duty. Police believe the killer caregiver poisoned those patients she found “annoying.” After confiscating her phone, police also discovered selfies of the nurse smiling beside the recently deceased. Yow. [via The Independent]

Marathon Man on MDMA

This one gives new meaning to the phrase “marathon bandit.” A 29-year-old man led authorities on a hot pursuit through Chicago after leaping into Sunday’s Chicago Marathon and racing alongside marathon runners. The chase ended a few miles later with the suspect’s apprehension. Officers originally wished to talk with the young man after spotting him plucking flowers from flower pots. Upon his arrest,  they found a tin full of MDMA tablets and a wad of cash totaling $531. [via DNAinfo Chicago]

‘Chilling’ journal of suspected cop killer discovered

Pennsylvania authorities found what they believe to be the water-logged journal of Eric Frein, a missing 31-year-old man charged with ambushing state police in September, killing one officer and injuring another. Authorities found the journal at an abandoned campsite, and claim its pages contain chilling details only the killer would know. Frein, a survivalist and expert marksman, remains at large and is most likely hiding out in the rugged back country of the Poconos Mountains. [via The Guardian]

West Village Smoke Bomb Attack

The NYPD released new footage of last Friday’s bizarre smoke bomb attack, in which a suspect crawled out from a sidewalk grate and hurled a billowing canister of smoke into the open patio of a West Village restaurant. The attacker disappeared into the subterranean passageway immediately after tossing his (thankfully) non-toxic smoke bomb. He is described as a young male with wavy blonde hair, dressed in a baseball cap and an American flag t-shirt. Police are currently scouring Yelp for severely disgruntled reviews. [via The New York Times]

Courtesy of the NYPD