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You Can Now Buy Nevada's Creepy, Iconic Clown Motel

Surround yourself with clowns for the rest of your life.

clown motel for sale
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  • Photo Credit: Will Keightley / Flickr (CC)

Remember this incredibly unsettling clown-themed motel? Well, now one lucky individual can purchase the establishment—provided he or she preserves the lodging's clown aesthetic.

For years, the Clown Motel of Tonopah, Nevada has played host to thrill-seekers and long-haul truckers alike. The rooms are affordable, though they are, of course, adorned with clown paintings and figurines. To make matters eerier, the Clown Motel neighbors the Old Tonopah Cemetery, a desert burial ground that dates back to 1901. 

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News of the sale broke in the late July. As of September 2017, the Clown Motel appears to still be available for purchase, with Bob and Deborah Perchetti listed as its owners on the establishment's Facebook page. Perchetti says he wants to retire and spend time fishing with his grandkids. He's selling the motel for the low, low price of $900,000. There is a catch, of course. Any potential owner must agree to keep the motel open and all the clowns in place. 

Just how clown happy could this motel be? Let's just say coulrophobics need not apply. From the grinning lighted sign that greets you in the parking lot to portraits of famous clowns affixed to the walls, nearly everything in the establishment is clown-themed. There are over 500 clown figurines in the motel lobby alone, so anyone purchasing must have nerves of steel.

clown motel
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  • Photo Credit: Wayne Stadler / Flickr (CC)

Many seekers of kitsch and adventure have traveled to the Clown Motel over the years—its location is a good three hours northwest of Las Vegas. Perhaps the new owner will update the motel into more of an upscale clown hotspot.

Perchetti, although ready to sell, has said he will come back and visit. He wants to see the clowns in action even after he hands over the keys. We suggest that the new owner keep all the clowns where they belong. Who knows what will happen if the grinning figurines get angry.

[Via Las Vegas Now]

Featured photo: Will Keightley / Flickr (CC); Additional photo: Wayne Stadler / Flickr (CC)