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Netflix Just Released Three Thrilling Techno-Terror Trailers for Black Mirror Season Five

Technology has never been more creepy.

black mirror season 5 trailer
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Netflix just dropped three new thrilling trailers for Black Mirror season five. The new season is set to hit Netflix on June 5. Alas, there will only be three episodes in the upcoming season to satisfy our craving for techno-horror. Although this might come as a slight disappointment, it looks like this season is gearing up for a small, but effective knockout based off the trailers. 

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Featuring a stellar cast of actors, including Miley Cyrus, Andrew Scott, Topher Grace, and Anthony Mackie, the trio of episodes is sure to please the Black Mirror fanbase, alongside the stans of these stars. The title of the episodes are “Smithereens,” “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too,” and “Striking Vipers,” each centering on a creepy piece of technology.

“Striking Vipers” stars Anthony Mackie, and the trailer really keeps the tech under wraps. The episode focuses on a couple who is trying to get pregnant, but the husband appears to be distant and uninterested. The only real piece of tech that’s in the trailer is some sort of Tinder-esque swiping app that someone shows the husband, and a small gadget that attaches near the temple like the memory device in “The Entire History of You.” 

Watch the trailer below:

The next episode, “Smithereens,” features Andrew Scott, who takes on the role of an taxi driver, and Topher Grace, whose character is still unknown (there’s only a brief clip of him). This chapter in the Black Mirror universe focuses on Scott’s character, who picks up and drives an employee from a company called Smithereens. 

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After learning this, Scott kidnaps the worker, and holds him hostage as he rants about a strange app that everyone is obsessed over. Not much is given away, which leads us to believe that there’s definitely more than meets the eye in this upcoming episode. 

Watch the trailer below:

And lastly, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too,” stars Miley Cyrus who plays a pink-haired version of Hannah Montana (not actually). In the episode, Cyrus is a massive celebrity who sells a tiny robot version of herself called “Ashley Too." The robot stand-in acts almost exactly like the superstar—a little too exact. The problem with this robot is that Cyrus’ character's emotions and problems also translate into Ashley Too, and this begins to terrify her fans as they start to see what’s really going on inside their idol's mind. 

Watch the trailer below:

If you’re excited for these new episodes, they’re right around the corner. Black Mirror season five is set to hit Netflix on Wednesday, June 5.

Featured photo: Netflix