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15 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime

A wealth of terror awaits...

A treasure trove of truly terrifying horror movies awaits you on Amazon Prime—but how is a horror fiend expected to sort through all these gems? Never fear, The Lineup is here to make sure you get your fix. Below, discover the best horror movies on Amazon Prime, from underseen cult classics to chilling modern nightmares.

House on Haunted Hill

best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: William Castle Productions

House on Haunted Hill is one of the earliest modern horror movies, and it is woefully underrepresented amongst the classics. The movie stars Vincent Price as a strange millionaire who decides to invite five visitors to his house for a haunted house experience. If the guests make it through the night, they will win $10,000 each. Things quickly get creepier than you’re imagining. This movie was so effective at terrifying people that Alfred Hitchcock plumbed it for inspiration for his 1960 classic, Psycho.

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Event Horizon

best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Golar Productions

Is Event Horizon a work of art? No. Will you find yourself on a gleeful and terrifying ride through space while you watch it? Absolutely. Sam Neill, Laurence Fishburne, and Joely Richardson star in this blood soaked sci-fi horror, which was recut (poorly) after the first version of the film ran over 130 minutes. There are some gaps in the film thanks to this lost footage, but if you don’t get sucked into the over-the-top dialogue and scenery, we’ll be shocked.


best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Red Bank Films

It’s easy to forget just how terrifying Carrie, the very first adaptation of a Stephen King work, is. Luckily, the film is on Amazon Prime, so you can remind yourself any time. There’s a lot of terror beyond the iconic blood dumping scene–rediscover it tonight.

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The Witch

best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Parts and Labor

The Witch experienced a bit of a backlash in response to its hyped release, but it is a truly creepy movie worth the watch. If your taste runs to the unsettling rather than over-the-top horror, settle into the Massachusetts colony to turn your afternoon terrifying.


best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Small Drama

After getting a great reception at South by Southwest, this film somehow disappeared. Allison Tolman (Fargo) plays a woman who is shocked to discover that she has a half-sister. The classic horror movie set-up soon unfolds to show that there’s a lot more going on here than you might expect.

Green Room

best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Broad Green Pictures

Since its 2015 release, Green Room has become a cult hit. Starring Anton Yelchin and Alia Shawkat as members of a punk band that gets trapped inside a neo-Nazi bar run by Patrick Stewart, this bloody battle to get out will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Amityville Horror

best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: American International Pictures

Amidst the ever-increasing mass of Amityville sequels, reboots, and spin-offs, it’s easy to forget that the first installment was legitimately scary. A classic of 1970s horror, The Amityville Horror whipped up a number of nightmarish visuals that still haunt the genre today, from walls that weep blood to a strange and terrifying pig-creature.

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It Comes At Night

best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Animal Kingdom

Much like The Witch, It Comes At Night suffered a bit from high expectations–and an audience that kept waiting impatiently for “it”. Closer to a psychological thriller than a true horror movie, It Comes At Night will leave you thinking about your relationship to your father in a whole new light.

Prom Night

best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Simcom Limited

At the height of Jamie Lee Curtis’s scream queen era, she starred in the original Prom Night. A slasher film set at prom, Prom Night uses anxiety about teen sexuality to create a freaky movie. Curtis’s disco scene is iconic for a reason.


best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Jofa-Atelier Berlin-Johannisthal

Travel back to the beginning of cinematic history with Nosferatu. This 1922 silent film is an adaptation of Dracula: It was almost lost after Bram Stoker’s widow sued for copyright infringement and asked that all copies of the film be destroyed. Luckily, some reels survived the purge. Even outside of scholarly curiosity, Nosferatu is legitimately terrifying, thanks to Max Schreck’s performance as the vampire, Count Orlok, and a thoroughly gothic feel.

The Blackcoat's Daughter

best horror movies 2017
  • Photo Credit: Paris Film

Directed by Osgood Perkins (son of Anthony Perkins) and starring Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka, this chilly horror tale set in a boarding school for girls is steeped in creeping dread—and builds to a sinister finale that lingers long after the credits roll.

Night of the Living Dead

best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Image Ten

Well before zombies became passé–and even before they were really known as zombies–George Romero wrote and directed Night of the Living Dead, which terrified its audiences so thoroughly that many were left shellshocked. Although the film is likely not as horrifying to modern audiences, it’s still a stunningly scary movie. Even if you think you’re over zombies, give Night of the Living Dead a try.

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best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Clodio Cinematografica

Enter the giallo cinema section of Amazon Prime with this gory horror fest. A young medical student is working on a thesis about murders disguised as suicides when suicides start occurring en masse in Rome. Soon, she’s surrounded by bodies of suicide victims, hallucinations, and bloody horror.

The House At the End of Time

best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía

This Venezuelan film is the all-time highest-grossing horror film in its home country—and its terror does not suffer in translation. Featuring ghosts, murders, time travel, priests, mediums, and more, this intense film will please fans of Oculus.


best horror movies on amazon prime
  • Photo Credit: Metalheads

It seems that New Zealanders just know how to do horror-comedy. From What We Do in the Shadows to Deathgasm, these films range from comedy tinged with horror to horror tinged with comedy. Luckily, Deathgasm tends to the latter. When a death metal band accidentally summons a demon, things get hairy fast.

Featured still of 'Deathgasm' via Metalheads

Published on 13 Jul 2018

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