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2023 Was a Scream: 12 Best Horror Movies of the Year 

Did your fave make the list? 

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  • Photo Credit: Featured still from "The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster" via Crypt TV

To say 2023 was a good year for horror is a serious understatement. Between literature, graphic novels, movies, and shows, horror has seen a resurgence that has fans screaming from the rooftops.

With several franchises releasing new installments to shocking new filmmakers debuting their worst nightmares, here are the 12 best horror movies of 2023.

When Evil Lurks

Ask anyone on social media what the most terrifying horror movie of 2023 was, and they’ll point you to When Evil Lurks. It’s as shocking and relentless as the evil that spreads through the small, isolated community. With horror that is both gruesome and over-the-top, this movie will crawl into your skin and fester—in the best way.


Everyone remembers when that creepy dance scene lit up the internet. It was a disturbing introduction to an unnerving movie about a realistic doll that takes on a life of its own. Given the way AI dominated the conversation throughout the rest of the year, it’s a chilling reminder of just how terrifying intelligent technology can truly be.


The sequel to the highly successful reboot, and one finally set outside of Woodsboro, is a must on any horror fan’s list. With a fresh storyline that maintains all the right notes to stay true to the franchise, it’s a delight to watch Ghostface come back in new and inventive ways.

Talk To Me

This dark, supernatural thriller grabbed viewers by the throat and refused to let go. From the very first scene, you know bad things are going to happen, and yet, you can’t help but watch the terrors unfold. The effects are gruesome, the storyline potent, and the horror wonderfully distressing.

Evil Dead Rise

There may not be a lot of Evil Dead movies, but they are all spectacular. And the latest in the franchise is no exception. Set in an apartment building in L.A., it’s an absolute bloodbath from beginning to end, with an enjoyable storyline to boot.

Saw X

Largely praised as being the best installment since the very first movie, Saw X slashed its way to being the highest-rated film of the franchise. Tobin Bell once again delivers a chilling and nuanced Jigsaw, and in a surprising twist, the gore takes a backseat to a well-developed plot.


A movie that crawls into not just your childhood fears, but embodies your worst nightmares, Skinamarink set the tone for the year. It’s the quiet scratching of your bedroom window, the dark presence under your bed. More than a movie, Skinamarink is the disturbing exploration of your most intimate fears.

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool bleeds satire, sarcasm, and sexuality throughout a plot that pulses with atmosphere. Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård give incredible performances that drive home the nearly psychedelic horror experience of the film.

No One Will Save You

During the week of its release, No One Will Save You was the most streamed movie across all US platforms. A home invasion thriller with an extraterrestrial twist, Kaitlyn Dever delivers a captivating performance even though the entire film has only five spoken words throughout the entire film.

Huesera: The Bone Woman

This award-winning supernatural film explores motherhood in all its raw, unfiltered brutality. The body horror is unnerving as it explores agency, choice, and bodily autonomy through the eyes of an expecting mother. 

The Last Voyage of the Demeter

A claustrophobic movie that stretches a single chapter of the book into a surprising new exploration of the Dracula story. It highlights the violence and terror of those fateful days at sea. Where it could make for a boring story, the movie is viciously inspired, making anything seem possible despite knowing their inevitable fate.

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster

This timely Frankenstein retelling follows a brilliant girl who tries to stop the violence inflicted on her family by resurrecting them. Rife with police brutality, drug abuse, and street violence, this innovative adaptation marries current social issues in a classic story with spectacular results.