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These Are the Best Horror Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now

Audible scares.

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While perusing Audible looking for my next great horror book, I realized something: Audible doesn’t actually have a horror category. I did eventually find it on Amazon, but only after poking under every book category and finding it buried under…"Literature & Fiction". 

I’ll admit, I couldn’t search or filter or really do much of anything but choose a single book at a time. Which means it wasn’t very helpful when searching for a great horror audiobook. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, you know how frustrating it is.

So, I went through and found the best horror audiobooks to help keep you up all night. Whether you’re looking for a horror classic, a full cast, or something a bit unexpected, I’ve got a horror audiobook recommendation to haunt your dreams.  

Listen to a sample of NOS4A2

nos4a2 joe hill audiobook cover


By Joe Hill

It takes a special talent to narrate two extremely different characters with agility and ease.

Thankfully, Kate Mulgrew is up to the task. Her strong steady voice gives Victoria McQueen her tenacity, while she weaves a chilling nefarious edge into the terrifying Charlie Manx.

The only child to escape the evil Christmasland, all Vic wants is to forget. But Charlie refuses to let go. And if he can’t have Vic, he’ll take the next best thing—her son. 

Listen to a sample of Pet Semetary

pet semetary stephen king audiobook cover

Pet Sematary

By Stephen King

There’s no way to curate a list of best horror audiobooks and not include the King himself.

And while he has a litany of chilling books to choose from, what sets Pet Sematary apart is the breathtaking narration of Michael C. Hall.

From the idyllic hope at the beginning of the story to the gut-wrenching grief and the madness that follows, Hall gives depth and layers to this classic King novel.  

Listen to a sample of The Exorcist

the exorcist by william peter blatty book cover

The Exorcist

By William Peter Blatty

If you love books that narrate like a movie, you will not be disappointed with The Exorcist.

The author co-narrates this phenomenal book, adding an underlying tone of malice to every line. It’s a spectacular performance on both his and Shaskan’s part, making this audiobook as immersive as the film. 

Listen to a sample of The Good House

the good house by tananarive due book cover

The Good House

By Tananarive Due

Angela Touissant hoped her Haitian grandmother’s once-famous healing magic could save her marriage. Instead, tragedy ripped her family apart.

Two years later, she’s ready to go back to the house that she once loved but caused so much pain.

But when she gets there, she only discovers more tragedy. A captivating listen by the impressive range of Robin Miles.

With skilled ease, she carries the tension through the highs and lows which serve to highlight the terror at all the right moments. 

Listen to a sample of World War Z

world war z by max brooks book cover

World War Z

By Max Brooks

A spectacular performance by an all-star cast brings this Audie Award-Winning audiobook to life.

This version contains new episodes, not released in the abridged edition, and each narrator is tied to their role in the film.

It’s a stunning story documenting the almost demise of humanity as they face one of the greatest threats in the history of man: a zombie virus. 

Listen to a sample of Hell House

hell house by richard matheson book cover

Hell House

By Richard Matheson

Belasco House has stood empty for over two decades. There’s no denying it’s haunted. Every attempt to prove its not has ended in violent tragedy.

But when a wealthy publisher wants to prove that there is life after death, he sends four strangers into Hell House for proof.

With an unnerving performance by Ray Porter, complete with screams, eerie taunts, and distinct voices, Hell House is an unforgettable listen that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Listen to a sample of Silver Nitrate

silver nitrate by silvia moreno-garcia book cover

Silver Nitrate

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

This Earphones Award-winning audiobook follows Monserrat through the streets of 1990s Mexico City.

Montserrat has always been talented, but the film industry is mostly a boys club, leaving her mostly invisible.

But when a cult horror director moves next door to her best friend, the two are drawn into a dark occult mystery. 

Listen to a sample of Lone Women

lone women by victor lavalle book cover

Lone Women

By Victor LaValle

Master storyteller Victor LaValle crafts a suspenseful tale of the old West in his latest novel, Lone Women. Narrated by Jonience Abbott-Pratt, the story follows Adelaide Henry as she makes her way to isolate Montana with nothing but a locked steamer trunk. 

The trunk has to stay locked. Because when it opens, bad things start to happen.

Abbott-Pratt gives Adelaide the haunting grit and determination a Black woman fleeing a dark past needs to survive, while LaValle draws a nuanced American West filled with diverse people trying to rebuild painful lives by refusing to give up the tenacious hope of their future. 

Listen to a sample of Hidden Pictures

hidden pictures by jason rekulak book cover

Hidden Pictures

By Jason Rekulak

Known for bringing several Goosebumps stories to life, there was no one better to narrate this twisty story. Mallory Quinn isn’t exactly a reliable narrator. She’s straight out of rehab and looking for a second chance.

She gets hired as a nanny, complete with idyllic living quarters and a charming five-year-old. But when the artwork young Teddy draws becomes more menacing, Mallory starts to feel her world unravel.

Is she seeing ghosts? Or is she finally losing her mind once and for all?