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Living Large: A Second Helping for Detective Nero Wolfe

The detective gourmand lives on in the novels of author Robert Goldsborough, the authorized heir to Rex Stout's beloved Wolfe Mysteries.


When acclaimed mystery author Rex Stout passed away in 1975, it was clear his detective tales would live on in the hearts of his readers.

“I got hooked very quickly on these stories, set in an old brownstone in Manhattan, with this rotund private detective genius who loved good food and raising orchids,” says author Robert Goldsborough, the heir to Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe Mysteries.

Authorized by Stout’s estate, Goldsborough has now written 10 novels starring the large, eccentric genius and his smart-aleck sidekick, Archie Goodwin – including the upcoming release, Archie in the Crosshairs. In this video, the author explains why Stout’s Manhattan sleuths still resonate with mystery lovers. “Reading a Nero Wolfe book to me is like slipping on a very comfortable pair of shoes … You just let the story carry you along.”